Atlas Prime is Bringing His Signature Deathcube Weapon to Warframe on October 1

Atlas Prime is Bringing His Signature Deathcube Weapon to Warframe on October 1
Credit: PlayWarframe via YouTube

Back in October 2015, Atlas was introduced in Warframe and his ability to manipulate boulders as an earth elemental. But this is not your granddaddy’s Atlas.

Digital Extreme introduces Atlas Prime with a buffed up physique and a more menacing-looking armor. The original version can hurl rocks and manipulate them into elemental soldiers to fight the enemy. He can also use boulders to reinforce his armor for added defense.

Prime Atlas, however, has more mod polarities that provide more opportunities to customize your character. For instance, he can be equipped with the Massif Syandana. Meanwhile, your Sentinel pet can also be customized to match Prime Atlas.

Prime Atlas delivers all this and more, with altered mod polarities for greater customization.

Your support will be the Dethcube Prime, with options for the assault mode or vaporize. For those who are not familiar, it’s a floating cube of death.

The Dethcube Prime will be wielding its signature weapon, the Deth Machine Rifle Prime.

In Warframe, you play any of the Tennos. These are warriors who can manipulate the Warframe armor. After the old war, they were pretty much forgotten as the world tries to rebuild itself from the ashes. A threat is looming–the Grinner and its dangerous armies, which leave whole worlds wrecked in their wake.

However, the Tennos are needed by the world once again. You will be roused from the cryostasis chamber to protect the world from the Grinner. But first, you must learn your armor once again.

Prime Warframes are coveted because of their buffed abilities and customization options. You can install mods to upgrade the attributes of your armor and modify their abilities. However, you can do it the easy way via Prime Access.

Prime Atlas is going to be the 67th Prime Warframe added to the game. But seeing a Prime character never gets old. He retained his old ability to freeze the enemy with the Petrify, reminiscent of Medusa’s power in mythology.

His power is evident because it’s difficult to knock him down while grounded. This is a passive skill of Atlas, and it’s reminiscent of the ability of Antaeus, the son of Poseidon and Gaia. In Greek mythology, Antaeus would show off his powers by challenging enemies to a wrestling match. In the story, Antaeus is immovable as long as any part of his body touches the ground.

You can acquire Atlas Prime on Oct. 1 via Prime Access.