AOC Expands The G2 Series With Two New Affordable IPS Panels, 27G2U5 And 24G2U5, Featuring Lower 75Hz Refresh Rate

AOC Expands The G2 Series With Two New Affordable IPS Panels, 27G2U5 And 24G2U5, Featuring Lower 75Hz Refresh Rate
Credit: AOC

In recent times, Taiwanese hardware manufacturer AOC has been keen on the gaming monitors market. The company has released several high-end gaming monitors that have raised the standards for design and gaming performance. At Gamescom 2019 in Cologne introduced the new AOC AGON G2 Series gaming monitors – the AOC 27G2U and 24G2U.

Now, AOC has expanded the G2 Series range with two other monitors taking the total gaming monitors in the G2 Series to four. The two new monitors are the AOC 27G2U5 and 24G2U5, with the former based on a 27-inch IPS panel while the latter is a 24-inch, with the same IPS technology. The duo owes much of the features and specifications to the two earlier G2 models.

The major difference between the two releases is the refresh rate. While the earlier models, the AOC 27G2U and 24G2U boast an impressive 144Hz refresh rate, the new AOC 27G2U5 and 24G2U5 have 75Hz refresh rate. Now, what does that mean to gamers considering the four models offer 1080p gaming courtesy of the Full HD 1080*1920p resolution, 1ms (MPRT) response time and support AMD Free-Sync Technology?

While the lower refresh rate may be an attempt to bring gamers more affordable gaming monitors to gamers, there’s more than what meets the eye. If you play the fast-paced games that require accurate, and instantaneous response, the new AOC 27G2U5 and 24G2U5 won’t be the best because of the lower refresh rate compared to the AOC 27G2U and 24G2U.

But at least most of the gaming-dedicated features are intact. The two new G2 series monitors have low input lag and the exclusive AOC Game Colour Adjustments. There’s also the Dial Point function which comes in handy when playing shooter games. It allows gamers to place crosshairs at the center of the screen for better accuracy and precision.

As for the design and connectivity, there is no much to talk about. The first and second editions all have the same features including two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort and surprisingly, a VGA connection for the old machines. The four also feature an integrated 3.5mm port, a USB hub, and 2W inbuilt speakers.

At Gamescom 2019, AOC remained lip tied regarding the pricing and availability of the G2 Series, but this time, the details have been revealed.

The G2 monitors announced during Gamescom 2019, the 144Hz AOC AGON 27G2U and 24G2U will debut this September and will go for around $290 and $225 respectively. As for the 75Hz AOC 27G2U and 24G2U, they will be in the market later in October for $240 and $190 respectively.