Another PlayStation 5 Event Is Rumored To Be Coming In The First Half Of September, Possibly With Release Date And Pricing

Another PlayStation 5 Event Is Rumored To Be Coming In The First Half Of September, Possibly With Release Date And Pricing
Credit: Sony

Sony has been aggressively tight lipped about the release of its newest major console, the PlayStation 5. Since the announcement of this all new gaming device, we’ve only had a very vague “Holiday 2020” release date.

Now, as August comes to a close and we enter September, the holiday season is right around the corner. Yet we still have virtually no information regarding the release of this console.

How much is it?

How will preorders work?

How many will be available?

And, most importantly, when is it coming out?

According to a rumor started by Dusk Golem, a prominent online leaker with a history of accurate statements, we might be getting some answers soon. According to Golem, who also goes by the name AestheticGamer on Twitter, Sony is planning to hold a new PS5 event sometime in the first half of September.

The bit about the PlayStation 5 event was included at the end of a tweet which also included teases for a new Monster Hunter game for Nintendo Switch and an announcement regarding the Shenmue franchise sometime in the near future.

This is the same person who leaked that Resident Evil 8: Village was in the works, along with a possible Resident Evil 4 remake.

“In other new, RE8 will most likely be great,” he said in the tweet, “RE4 is in a bit of a worrying position right now, Silent Hill is still in dev, something Shenmue related will be revealed in 1-2 weeks, a PS5 event first half of September, Monster Hunter Switch is being revealed soon, have a good day.”

Sony is not the only major gaming company rumored to be making a splash this September. Both Nintendo and Sony’s chief rival, Microsoft, are rumored to be holding events sometime during the month. This makes sense, as all three of the major game companies are going to want to show off what they have going on for the holiday season.

Of course, eyes are on Microsoft as well, since they have yet to announce any release or pricing information for their upcoming console, the Xbox Series X.

It is rumored that the Series X could release before the PlayStation 5, with the latter coming out sometime in Mid-November.

Sony recently allowed PSN members to register for a chance to be invited to make a preorder for the PlayStation 5 sometime in the future. They noted that preorder consoles are going to be limited, so getting your hands on one of these consoles might not be easy this holiday season, whenever they hit shelves.