An Uncut Gameplay Trailer Recently Came Out For A Plague Tale; Features Stealth And Brutal Rat Hordes

An Uncut Gameplay Trailer Recently Came Out For A Plague Tale; Features Stealth And Brutal Rat Hordes
Credit: Torley via Flickr (license)

Plagues have been part of human history ever since the beginning. How and why they spread tends to vary, but they all have one thing in common: terrifying death. Well, that is what A Plague Tale: Innocence is attempting to portray. This action-adventure game being developed by Asobo Studio will release for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

It’s back to the dark ages in this frightening tale, where you relive one of the most depressive and terrifying time periods in human history. The game will incorporate historical facts and feature two innocent children, Hugo and Amicia. You’ve seen zombie hordes plenty of times before, but have you ever envisioned rat hordes? That’s A Plague Tale: Innocence in a nutshell.

The concept is eerie, but seeing this vision unfold in some gameplay is a whole new level of frightening. An uncut gameplay trailer just came out, featuring plenty of stealth and rat action. The footage shows a lot of sneaking around, as the Inquisition soldiers are heavily armored and attacking them head-on would surely end in defeat.

You’re forced to crouch behind concrete structures and tiptoe your way around them, all while being mindful of the thousands of rats focused on your every move. Speaking of the rodents portrayed in this game, they’re pretty brutal. One false step will result in your epic demise.

The developers clearly put a heavy emphasis on rodents. The very sounds they make highlight just how hungry and desperate they are for food. Rats have never really been depicted this way in a video game before, at least not in recent memory. Your best way to combat them is to stay in the light. You have lighted torches to keep them at bay as you walk around the different areas.

Moving back to the stealth-based strategy, you do have the option to take down enemies that you come across. We see the girl in the trailer take down several foes using some sort of poison. It’s particularly effective and makes sense considering you wouldn’t be able to overpower such a warrior outright as a child.

The developers also did a superb job with the level design. The environments are dark, featuring lighted torches along various paths. You really feel a sense of despair in the air. From everything shown in the gameplay trailer, A Plague Tale: Innocence already seems like a dark and mysterious tale that you have to experience. It releases on May 14.