According To An Embracer Report, The KOTOR Remake Has Not Been Postponed At All

According To An Embracer Report, The KOTOR Remake Has Not Been Postponed At All
Credit: pcgamer

Even though a new Bloomberg story said that the Knights of the Old Republic remake has been “indefinitely postponed,” the title may still be coming this year.
In the past four years, the majority of these businesses and franchises have been purchased. When it acquired the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex properties, as well as other production studios and titles from Square Enix Europe in May of this year, it began its most recent purchase spree.

One of the Group’s AAA projects has moved to another studio inside the Group. Still, there won’t be any “significant delays for the series based on this shift,” as stated in an accounting record from Embracer Group, the IP-hungry parent company of the game’s studios. The delay, according to the business, was necessary “to make sure that the bar is where we want it to be for the label.”
That certainly sounds like it might be the outcome of what Bloomberg referred to as a “studio shakeup” when the project unexpectedly lost two directors after the higher-ups were displeased with a vertical slice, or it might be an internal demo to highlight the game’s development. The studio’s developers informed Bloomberg that they didn’t anticipate it to release until 2025 as a result.

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Although Embracer did not specify the new developer for the project, Saber Interactive, who we know began developing the title alongside Aspyr in May, may be involved. The revamp, according to Saber at the time, would “take a lot of effort and time to make good” and was a “huge, massive product.”
There is only one moody trailer for the Knights of the Old Republic reboot. It is yet unknown how extensive the remake will be and how much of the nearly 20-year-old game has been modified and retained. Whatever it is, it’s obviously causing its creators problems.