A New Japanese Anime Series Titled Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris Will Soon Be Arriving On Steam

A New Japanese Anime Series Titled Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris Will Soon Be Arriving On Steam
Credit: Bandai Namco's

A recent announcement trailer from Bandai Namco Entertainment America revealed the story of Kirito. In the said story, Kirito will be journeying into the strange place in the Underworld.

Bandai Namco announced this upcoming project that they have involving an adaptation of a Japanese anime Sword Art Online. The said adaptation’s title will be Sword Art Oline Alicization Lycoris. Lycoris will be following the arc’s story which will finish its airing on March 30.

This game will be bringing players back in time with goth-like clothing and shoes worn by a character named Kirito.

While wearing this clothing, the player will be starting his adventure in the Underworld. The players will relive thrilling moments and experiences from the series through the game’s stunning visuals and intense combat. Aside from that, players will also get to interact with their favorite series characters.

The release of Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris will be the first among the anime series-inspired games to be released. What’s even more exciting is that players will experience the game the same way it was presented in the series.

Unlike its predecessors that centered mostly on spin-offs or side-stories, Lycoris will actually allow players to control Kirito. Of course, they can do this while dealing with the plot and the series’ problems involving the latest arc.

The players can live through the game story, while they’re busy making new friends and solving game mysteries.

Many fans speculated further after seeing the announcement trailer. It’s given that the game is packed with stunning visuals and action-based combat sequences. But, what’s impressive for fans is that it’s pretty much the same with the anime series.

As for the series, it is set to return for the series’ second half this coming October.

Those who have watched the announcement trailer and have seen some game snippets, Lycoris is bizarre for a videogame.


The Underworld is a strange place wherein AIs act and behave just like humans. Aside from Kirito, other game characters include Administrator, Alice, Eugeo, and many more.

For anticipating gamers, familiarity with the series will be a huge place to make more sense of the game.

Though no further information was revealed on the game’s release date, everybody relied on the developer’s “coming soon” promise. Also, fans are looking forward to the game’s release for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 via Steam.

Lastly, many fans find the word “Lycoris” odd to be placed in the title. Since no justification has been made, fans are just looking forward to some enjoyable and fun twists.