2019’s Best Gaming Keyboard, Razer’s Blackwidow Elite Mechanical Keyboard Is On Sale At 32% Off

2019’s Best Gaming Keyboard, Razer’s Blackwidow Elite Mechanical Keyboard Is On Sale At 32% Off
Credit: Razer

Amazon is currently offering the Razer BlackWidow Elite for only $115, a 32% deal from its original list price of $169.99. The gaming keyboard has been chosen for its exciting features. It also part of the online store’s Amazon Prime Day Tech Sale which started last July 15. The item will be listed for 36 hours and available to Amazon Prime members. The Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Keyboard has been dubbed as the Best Gaming Keyboard of 2019 with its unique offerings and superb features.

More than anything, what makes the Razer BlackWidow Elite stand out is its full and effortless integration with some of the latest and most demanding games. It easily syncs with the Razor hardware and provides immersive gameplay by linking the included Philips Hue lights to the Razer Chroma keyboard. It is gear compatible for up to thirty of its partners and supports a robust 16.8 million colors with its backlight keys.

Aside from these beautiful features, Razer BlackWidow Elite is fully programmable and allows remapping of keypress combinations with the Razer Hypershift channel. Named as the Best Keyboard of 2019, the Razer BlackWidow Elite has an ergonomic design and includes a magnetic wrist rest for extra comfort during extended gameplay and gaming sessions. The keyboard has a top plate made from military-grade metal, and its durable construction was tested to support more than 80 million clicks.

Mechanical keyboards are a new line of gaming accessories built to be durable and feature key switches based on supported applications and user preferences. LED lightings more than improve gameplay, but adds a layer of sharpness and brightness that makes a game truly immersive. Mechanical keyboards are the better gaming accessory that simply makes everything feel better and deviates from functionality and aesthetics compared to regular rubber dome keyboards.

Raise the bar of your gaming experience by taking advantage of the keyboard while the Amazon Prime Day Tech Sale is still running. This offer is only available to Amazon Prime members, but non-members can purchase 2019’s Best Gaming Keyboard by signing up for free.

The Amazon Prime Day Tech Sale is not only limited to gaming accessories, but includes a myriad of other tech-related items like CPUs, GPUs, laptops, SSDs, and features the best list of pc hardware and top gadgets at discount prices.