Respawn Entertainment Addresses Influx Of Cheaters In Apex Legends Ranked Leagues

Respawn Entertainment Addresses Influx Of Cheaters In Apex Legends Ranked Leagues
Credit: Apex Legends via Youtube

Popular battle royale game, Apex Legends, has had a busy few months since it released back in February. With Season 2 bringing in a new Legend, gameplay and weapon changes, and a plethora of other updates, Apex has brought a lot of new elements to the game recently.

One of the most significant additions comes in the form of Ranked play, a competitive system that matches players of similar skill levels against one another with the ability to earn points and climb the ladder based on kills, placement per game, and being the champion.

Players seem pretty content with the ranked system as it stands; however, one major issue since its release comes in the form of cheaters.

Hackers are a common occurrence for just about any type of competitive gameplay; however, it seems that Apex Legends players are really facing setbacks due to an influx of players intent on messing up the game for others.

There have been plenty of complaints at Respawn Entertainment regarding this growing problem, and in a Reddit post last Friday, they decided to address it formally.

“We know reports of cheaters, especially in Ranked, have been a hot topic so this week we also wanted to provide a little visibility into some of the work that’s been going on behind the scenes to combat cheating,” shares the gaming company in their 7/12 Respawn Check-In.

Included in the post is a list of bullet points highlighting the ways that Respawn has been battling in-game cheaters.

In addition to implementing detection systems that will automatically ban accounts that appear to be cheating, Apex Legends will also be initiating a unique method of keeping cheaters out of games – and that’s to matchmake cheaters with other cheaters.

Obviously, the goal is to ban cheaters out of the game entirely but throwing suspicious accounts into matches with people who are doing the same thing is an interesting plan.

Respawn Entertainment also made a point of reassuring their player base that they take “the war against cheaters” very seriously and that they will continue to work toward creating the best gaming environment possible.

While they are doing everything they can to halt cheaters in their tracks before they can make it into games, players who do encounter these hackers can report them. Furthermore, since systems will be auto-banning accounts that appear to be cheating, there’s bound to be a few non-cheaters that accidentally face penalties, to which Respawn has the option to appeal an account ban.

Hopefully, by taking these extra measures, Apex Legends will be able to focus more on providing new content and exciting gameplay without cheaters there to disrupt the fun time.