10,000 Ships Battled During Eve Online’s Tech Demo At GDC And Almost 4000 Players Have Played

10,000 Ships Battled During Eve Online’s Tech Demo At GDC And Almost 4000 Players Have Played
Credit: EVE Online

Those who are into galactic adventures should try EVE Online. It can be played for free where gamers will select their path, and there are numerous selections. It’s the game to experience immense PvE and PvP battles. For those who want to explore space, this is the way to go.

Eve Online’s universe is vast and the activities there are relentless. The game’s trailer said it’s the most immersive single shot free-to-play MMO ever.

This futuristic game has a diverse universe, governed by four empires. It has a lot of secrets for players to discover. They’ll play as a Capsuleer, a revered breed due to how they use the cloning technology.

Gamers will explore the universe within an armored capsule. Players have hundreds of options at which ship to fly. There are small but nimble crafts, and there are mid-range vessels to choose from, and of course, there are formidable warships and immersive freighters.

Each of these ships has a different role, but all of them are customizable. It’s about strategy at how to be equipped, and it’s a fun challenge for players.

Players can start gaming by choosing a character that’s been created already, or they can create a new one. Each player can choose three characters max. There are four playable races, and they’re Caldari, Minmatar, Gallente, and Amarr.

The popularity of EVE online lies on its huge battles. They’re the kind of battles that can get the attention of people who’ve never played MMO before.

However, Eve is already 15 years old, so it has its struggles when competing with newer games, especially if there are a thousand individuals who are duking it all out for a gigantic fight.

CCP Games said they have a solution, in which they’ve tested a 10,000 ship battle during GDC.

GFC could be a good event to showcase new technology. However, tech and live events clash sometimes. Ryan King from Hadean noted in his recent blog post that there’s no safety net, but it still worked.

3,850 individuals have played, and they fought one another, and they battled AI too. The number of ships in the battle has an astronomical figure of 14,274.

There are 10,412 ships that fought concurrently, and it’s an amazing number. 99,988 ships seemed damaged after the battle has been said and done. There are player streams online to check out the battle.

There would be more information about how Hadean has supported a big battle. There will be more tests in the future, but they’ll demand more gamers. Players should be prepared to sign up.