Xbox Live Gold Members Can Get EA Sports NHL 19 And Portal: Still Alive For Free In June

Xbox Live Gold Members Can Get EA Sports NHL 19 And Portal: Still Alive For Free In June
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

The month of June is shaping up to be great for those with an Xbox Live Gold membership. Like every month, members get to look forward to new games. This month, both Portal: Still Alive and EA Sports NHL 19 will be available for free.

Both of these games are exceptional titles to add to your collection. Portal: Still Alive is a port of the original Portal, which released for the Xbox 360. If you’ve never got your hands on a Portal game, this port is essentially a 3-D puzzle game that plays much like a first-person shooter.

The purpose of the game is to solve puzzles using a portal gun. It gives you the ability to create doorways on various surfaces, which you can walk through to get to a different part of the stage. Creative-thinking is required to pass each stage.

In addition to solving various puzzles, you’ll enjoy a nice storyline. It was beautifully written and makes you attached to the female protagonist in the game. The visuals are great and the gameplay is extremely well-rounded and fun.

The more you advance in this game, the more difficult the puzzles get. After a while, they can be quite a challenge. Still, they’re fun to try out once you get a little more comfortable with this game’s format.

It’s nice to see a brand-new game on this month’s free-game list. It certainly shows you the type of value that Microsoft is willing to give its loyal fan base. EA Sports NHL 19 is a must-own title if you like hockey games. It features a deep selection of teams. It even has teams from the minor leagues.

The graphics also have never been better. They immerse you in the competitive matches that you’ll have online and offline. The gameplay is also extremely smooth and it’s the type of experience you would hope for in an NHL video game.

The great thing about this latest installment is you don’t need prior experience to have fun. You can pick up the controls and go. There are plenty of tutorials and practice modes that you can use if you need a little assistance starting off.

Playing for the Stanley Cup is just as great as it has ever been. The online mode is also great and should lead to some intense matches with friends and foes. Even the commentary is improved from last year’s edition.

Overall, EA Sports NHL 19 is a complete experience that should get you even more hyped for this year’s finals between the Bruins and the Blues.