Xbox Live Gold Members Can Get Hitman: The Full First Season For Free In September

Xbox Live Gold Members Can Get Hitman: The Full First Season For Free In September
Credit: Gameranx via YouTube

If you have an Xbox Live Gold membership, you’re well aware of the free games you have access to every month. The games aren’t just titles that no one cares about, either. They’re typically huge AAA games that have stellar reviews online. September is fast approaching and that means another lineup of free games.

One of the better titles that will be available in September is Hitman: The Full First Season. This is one of the better installments in the long-running series, which was developed by IO Interactive. It takes place in episodic format, which was pretty revolutionary at the time of its release. In this game, you’ll have a lot of different locations to test your contracting skills as Agent 47 — a genetically-enhanced assassin.

The story revolves around Agent 47 working for a shadow client, who’s keen on destroying Providence’s operations. You go about the game taking out targets this client assigns. They take place across the globe, which is great from a variety standpoint. The open-ended design of each level is a beautiful aspect of this game.

On every contract mission, Agent 47 has so many ways he can approach the assigned target. Players can take a more stealth-based approach, where they use innovative machines to successfully complete the kill. Or, they can take a more direct approach based on the amount of risk they’re willing to assume. The sheer amount of variety makes Hitman 2016 feel so refreshing, especially if you’ve played this series over the last couple of years.

Using a long-range sniper is always a good route to take when you have no other options. However, using your creativity feels even more rewarding. You’ll often see players take out other NPCs to gain access to their costumes and valuable items that get them even closer to their target’s location. Being disguised and capable of taking out a target up close is so exciting.

You even have many ways to gain insights on your targets. For example, you can listen to people within the target’s circle. Their conversations could reveal the location of the target, as well as general tendencies they have. All of this information can be used to Agent 47’s advantage.

Seeing Hitman: The Full First Season on the Xbox Live Gold platform is amazing to see. It just shows what kind of value the membership has. This game has been a huge success ever since it first released back in 2016, and you have the chance to experience the insane action today for nothing. It doesn’t get much better as a gamer.