World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Scourge Invasion Event Rares Have Their Spawn Interval Cut In Half!

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Scourge Invasion Event Rares Have Their Spawn Interval Cut In Half!
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Blizzard is hard at work with their two-week Scourge Invasion event in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The second week just kicked off, drastically improving the event.

Many players were annoyed at how barebones the title’s event had been, with the majority of the content being based around 20-minute timers to kill rares that dropped items that were only really useful for gearing up alts.

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There are a few exceptions – Bronjahm drops a 34-slot bag, the biggest obtainable container. Skadi is also around dropping his Blue Proto-drake mount that players clamor for.

One of the big complaints was how rarely players were able to take down the rare spawns. With 20 minute timers for each of them, the rotation that it took for players to make it through all 20 rare spawns took almost 7 hours.

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Thankfully, Blizzard took the negative criticism that players were giving in stride and responded in kind. The developers have now halved the spawn timer, making it so that rare mobs spawn every 10 minutes.

This has drastically increased the amount of rares that spawn in a given time (doubled them, obviously!). Because of this, players are being given twice the chances to earn their drops!

It’s also heavily increased the chances of grabbing some of the rarer items due to having so many more chances to find them. Items that drop off of all the rares, like the Accursed Keepsake, can now be obtained much easier.

If you’ve been trying to grab Bronjahm’s bag or Skadi’s mount, you’ll have twice the chances to do so. This hasn’t increased the drop chance by any means, but with more chances to earn it, one is more likely to be able to obtain them.

There’s still a good amount more content on the table for the rest of the Scourge Invasion event. Today began the second week, and Blizzard has already implemented more content, such as the infectious zombies that are assailing capital cities.

More than anything, you won’t need to dedicate an entire day to the game if you just wanted to farm some rares. With six spawning an hour now, it’s much easier to hop in, grab some drops, and get out.

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If you’re working to grab some gear for your alts ahead of the opening of the Shadowlands, now is one of the best chances to do so. Using the doubled drops, you can farm up a huge amount of Argent Commendations to turn in for the catch up gear.