World Of Warcraft Players Find Use In Novelty Anniversary Item To Clear Out Crowds During Huge Event

World Of Warcraft Players Find Use In Novelty Anniversary Item To Clear Out Crowds During Huge Event
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

This week is one of the busiest in a while for World of Warcraft, across both the retail and Classicclients. On the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands client, players are being treated to a double-dealing of special events.

With the Scourge Invasion prepatch event beginning last Tuesday, there’s thousands and thousands of players getting back on to enjoy the new content. Given that there’s only two weeks for the event, ending on November 23rd with the launch of the next expansion, everyone is eager to play while they can.

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Additionally, the 16th anniversary event for World of Warcraft is active, ending on the 23rd as well. Blizzard granted players extra experience and reputation, as well as some exclusive collectibles and quests/battlegrounds for the event.

So with these two events combining, the servers are extremely busy, with more people logging on than in quite a while. This has a variety of consequences, both good and bad, and players seem to enjoy exacerbating the bad ones.

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With so many players, the servers are a bit crowded – literally. Many players have had issues finding or clicking quest-giving mobs with so many characters in the same area, surrounding the NPCs.

To make matters worse, many players are purposely blocking these NPCs, getting on large mounts or using items to make themselves even larger and standing over the NPC that everyone needs.

While the children that do this under the belief that it’s funny are inescapable, players have found a way to make it easier to ignore them and click the mob. Using the Overtuned Corgi Goggles from the Anniversary Event can clear out the crowds much quicker.

This is done by the goggles making all friendly characters – player and NPC alike – into corgi pet models. By doing so, everyone is reduced to the same size, and while the mob still has as many people as it did before, the people are much, much smaller.

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The item is also extremely cheap, available for only 200 Timewarped Badges in the Caverns of Time. Players don’t have to do any sort of lengthy grind to obtain this item, and the cooldown is removed during the holiday event, so it’s an easy item to obtain and use.

If you’re still struggling to click the NPC mobs, you can try a macro or command. Using the /target command and then entering the NPC’s name (/target Lor’themar Theron, for example) will automatically target them no matter how many players are standing over him. Once targeted, NPCs have priority to click through a crowd.