World of Warcraft Shadowlands – An Introduction To The Covenants And Their Zones

World of Warcraft Shadowlands – An Introduction To The Covenants And Their Zones
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Blizzcon did not disappoint with its game announcements this year. On the first day of Blizzard’s gaming convention, Blizzard revealed Overwatch 2, Diablo 4, and World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

Fans were treated to two trailers for Shadowlands. The first one was a five-plus minute cinematic ending with Sylvanas destroying the barrier between the Shadowlands and Azeroth.

The second trailer was a features overview trailer. This article will look at two components of the trailer, the Covenant, and the zones they reside in.

What/Who are the Shadowlands Covenant?

Every zone in the Shadowlands has a faction ruling it. Each faction has a specific ambition in the afterlife, and it will be up to the player to align with one of the Covenant. When the player ultimately chooses their Covenant, they will be rewarded with unique abilities, depending on the player’s class and the Covenant they decided on. The player will also receive a mount and visual appearance to represent the faction they are with.

Players will have access to their Covenant’s Sanctum, where quests, a Covenant campaign, and ally missions reside.

Here is the features overview trailer Blizzard released. It shows what the zones looks like and briefly mentions the Covenant.

What are the different Covenants and Zones?

Covenant: Necrolord
Zone: Maldraxxus

The necrolords have grandfathered necromantic magic, experimenting with souls and reforming the worthiest into undead soldiers tasked to defend the Shadowlands. The strongest are rewarded, and the weakest become fuel for the necrolords’ weapons.

With this system, a mighty army has been formed. However, there is instability with the hierarchy as the long-time leader has vanished and five necrolords vie for the throne. Each necrolord is ambitious with their claim, which has created factions and turmoil.

Maldraxxus is a war-torn, plague filled, desolation. It is the birth place of necromantic magic and is filled with legions of undead soldiers.

Covenant: Venthyr
Zone: Revendreth

The venthyr has been charged with the most sinful souls for eons, and through these years, they have become corrupt.

The leader of Revendreth, Denathrius, is seemingly unfit for ruling, as the venthyr have spiraled into debauchery. It is unclear what will happen to Revendreth and the venthyr if a new master is crowned.

Revendreth is a gothic village with intimidating castles and never-ending twilight. It is the host for those of sin.

Covenant: Kyrian
Zone: Bastion

“The kyrians are eternal beings who draw only the most accomplished, principled, and pure into their ranks.” Their ultimate goal is to exceed their trials and soar to a higher existence, beside the Archon.

However, as turmoil hits the Shadowlands and souls are lost into the Maw, the number of kyrians has dramatically decreased, and their role of carrying souls to eternity is at risk.

They are in the zone Bastion. Perfect spires and a radiant sky, Bastion is the host for carrying souls into the Shadowlands.

Covenant: Night Fae
Zone: Ardenweald

The Night Fae leads souls entuned with nature to Ardenweald. Unfortunately, Ardenweald has agonized more than any other zone from the soul-drought. The Winter Queen must choose between the former glowing landscape and the souls that care for it.

Ardenweald is a lush, wild haven. The giant mystic trees absorb anima, which feeds the souls that are awaiting rebirth.