World Of Warcraft: Classic Guild Boom Blasters Sets New Speed Record To Down Onyxia

World Of Warcraft: Classic Guild Boom Blasters Sets New Speed Record To Down Onyxia
Credit: Moegdal's WoW Videos via YouTube

World of Warcraft is a game that, to the surprise of those that may not be familiar with it, is actually full of esports and competition. While many set to claim to be the first in the world to accomplish something, others take their time to instead become the fastest.

Such is the case with the European guild Boom Blasters, based on the server Pyrewood Village. The group set a new record for the fastest kill on Onyxia, one of the most famous raid bosses of World of Warcraft.

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The record is set on World of Warcraft: Classic (it isn’t exactly impressive to kill Onyxia swiftly on the Retail servers, where a poorly-geared max level character can kill her in one hit). The new record has been set at 53.9 seconds.

While they’re the fastest, they aren’t the first to take Onyxia down in under a minute. The guild Fully Exposed, based on the US-server Herod, took her down in 58.73 seconds a few months back.

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Fully Exposed managed this by coming after the matriarch of the Black Dragon Flight with 33 hunters, bursting her down as much as possible with a combination of pets and ranged attacks, while tanks and healers did as they always do.

Boom Blasters came with a different set up – instead of 33 hunters, they walked in with 32 warriors to deal damage. This seems to have worked out well enough, considering they beat the previous record by almost five seconds – a massive margin in this close of a race.

Groups try to down Onyxia quicker than the rest every time the Darkmoon Faire comes to town, taking advantage of the unique buff from Sayge within. By using this buff, players earn a 10% buff to their damage, a significant increase.

This – combined with the many world buffs and other enhancements that players go into the raids with – provides the bonus that players need. Apparently, many members of Boom Blasters also were wielding the legendary Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker – yes, the meme blade itself.

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In their discussion on the new record, Wowhead mentions that many players believed that the record was at a ceiling and that no one would be able to beat the record that Fully Exposed had set. Obviously, this was incorrect – though it’s difficult to believe that anyone will be topping Boom Blasters’ record anytime soon.

With Naxxramas about to roll out, there will be a new tier of gear available, so the record is likely to be broken around then. As far as the game goes pre-Naxxramas, though, it’s likely that Boom Blasters will keep their name in first place.