Want To Get A 32” MSI Freesync Gaming Monitor? Now’s Your Chance With The $100 Discount From Amazon

Want To Get A 32” MSI Freesync Gaming Monitor? Now’s Your Chance With The $100 Discount From Amazon
Credit: MSI

If you’ve had an eye for the 32-inch MSI Freesync monitor but couldn’t afford the steep cost, now’s your chance. Amazon is slashing $100 off the original price of this beautiful and high-performance curved screen.

From the original price of $479.99, the MSI Freesync monitor is now listed at $379.99. That translates to a 21% discount.

The MSI Freesync monitor promises a large viewing angle footprint. You won’t have any problem setting up your gaming station with its curved screen. Whatever the position is, you will definitely have an optimal viewing angle. Because of the large viewing angle, the colors are not sacrificed, and they stay sharp even if you move around.

Of course, the thin bezel makes this the perfect accompaniment to your own multi-monitor gaming station setup.

It’s almost criminal to use this to watch movies because of the 144Hz refresh rate and the 1ms response time. Those numbers mean that the monitor is designed to handle fast-paced games. Enjoy Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Borderlands 3, Anthem, Far Cry: New Dawn, and Apex Legends in all their epic glory. Or you can play the best racing games without a dip in performance.

But if you want a break from gaming, you can certainly watch clips in high definition with this monitor.

It should also be noted that the G-Sync technology does not support this by NVIDIA and there’s no calibration out there that will bypass this. Make sure that you have an AMD graphics card before you choose the MSI Freesync gaming monitor.

The MSI Freesync makes use of 1440p vertical alignment panel, which is still pretty good for its price. You really can’t compare it with the IPS monitors, which promise a better viewing angle and more accurate hues. But this is much better compared to your average LED.

For comparison’s sake, LG’s 34-inch IPS curved screen gaming monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate is much more expensive. You can also buy one at Amazon for $529.90 without a discount.

A better option would be the Samsung 32-inch HD curved screen, which is cheaper than the LG monitor. This one is also offered at a discount at Amazon at just $490.39 from the original price of $599.99. The Samsung still utilizes the IPS panel plus the Quantum Dot technology, which promises a wider array of backlit hues. Of course, that’s still about $100 more than the MSI Freesync monitor.