Update: After A Long Wait, Halo: Reach Launches On Microsoft Store and Steam, But No Pre-Load

Update: After A Long Wait, Halo: Reach Launches On Microsoft Store and Steam, But No Pre-Load
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

Halo: Reach is set to come to PC and Xbox One in just a few hours, precisely December 3, 2019, the question many ask is if it’s going to be accessible for pre-load on Steam store. However, that doesn’t seem like the case because Tyler Davis, also known as Postums, tweeted that there wouldn’t be a pre-load.

So, in essence, after months of rigorous testing and bug fixing, they finally set their release date for someone who knows what they encountered with the game would appreciate them. Besides, Halo fans have been patient with the company on bringing a new sequel.

Halo: Reach would be out on Steam and Microsoft Store. The community manager for 343 industries, John Junyzek, uploaded the time-zones and what country in regards to time. On that behalf, the game will be playable across all the regions at the same time, starting at 1 PM EST or 5 PM GST, whichever works.

As stated earlier, players should not expect, Halo: Reach to have a pre-load. Players who would want to have the game on their PC, once they get back from work would have to leave their computer on and let it download. Not heft as such, about 20GB, but it could still be one last hurdle to cross to enter the Reach.

Also, Halo: Reach would be the first out of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection box. The development team in 343 industries is working on vamping up it up to the original and also Halo: Combat Evolved, which is part of their list. However, this isn’t the first time Halo would debut on PC. This is similar to when Borderlands developers ported their title to computers early 2003.

We can expect to get private access to all the modern upgrades such as 4K support and likes. Also recently, the news broke, saying that 343 industries will commence on a new project, which is Halo: CE, which is also set to begin during the first quarter of next year.

To wrap up, Halo: The Master Collection is also liable to be brought at once, or sequential. Comparing prices, each of the games in the collection would cost somewhere around USD 9.99, however, the price is different when you decide to get it at Steam or Microsoft Store, USD 39.99.

Another alternative to accessing the game is to subscribe to the Xbox One Game Pass, which way players get to download the game from tomorrow because it would have been added by then. Halo: Reach comes out in few hours from no, get prepared but until then Happy Gaming!