It Is Time For Some Couch Co-Op Apartment Renovation, Tools Up! Is Coming To All Major Platforms Tomorrow

It Is Time For Some Couch Co-Op Apartment Renovation, Tools Up! Is Coming To All Major Platforms Tomorrow
Credit: Tools Up! via All In! Games

There are never enough party games in the world, and this time, it is a new constructive experience. You and your friends work to renovate and restore apartments as fast as possible. This means four people putting together an apartment, painting walls, and tearing down wallpaper against the clock while trying not to make a complete mess.

Tools Up is a couch co-op party game that will continue to have you and your friends coming back for more. Party games like this have massive replayability potential with randomized missions and the ever so fervent action of your friends.

The owners of the apartments in this skyscraper need work done, and it is your job as maintenance to do it for them. It is renovation in a party atmosphere. There is ice, lava, water, and so many other obstacles stand in your way of being the fastest renovators out there.

The game features work together mechanics mixed with interesting and unique environments. One player holds the blueprint, and whoever holds that is able to decide the camera angle that everyone works from. Simple controls and drop-in drop-out play makes it perfect for an on the spot party game experience.

Teamwork is key to success in this game. Race against the clock and complete tasks to help unlock more challenging missions. If you do not work together, the job will not get done. That does not mean there is not a competitive feature to the game itself. Throw people into other rooms, throw things into other rooms, slide around, and try to be the fastest worker in your group.

Although the gameplay is easy to learn, it takes a while to master. Racing against the clock and dealing with your friends requires careful coordination. The developers have done a great job making the game fun even among the chaos and stress that you are surrounded by.

This game is great for all ages and can be a blast for family gatherings. There are even arcade modes for sliding around and having fun without the toil of doing work. Tools Up! has done a great job balancing fun, stress, and party mechanics in a beautiful blend of chaotic harmony.

Tools Up! is available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. It is great for the upcoming holidays as a game you can bring and share with your family and friends. So check out Tools Up! and other great titles from All In! Games.