The Gates Of Heroland Have Opened, VIP Heroes And And Epic Quest Are Found Within These Gates Of Heroic Success

The Gates Of Heroland Have Opened, VIP Heroes And And Epic Quest Are Found Within These Gates Of Heroic Success
Credit: Playstation Via Youtube

It is a theme park for those who want to be a hero. If you want a chance to defeat some dark lord and win a little extra XP, then grab your ticket to Heroland. This is a great place to go on an epic quest, wait in line for overpriced merchandise, and whack enemies with your recently bought sword of killing. Heroland is an unforgettable adventure at the first and only Hero themed theme park.

This is the place for an authentic RPG experience. All is well until a scruffy young employee, and his guests realize that the island has a dark secret. Customers and cast come together to take on the fate of the park and save, inevitably, the entire world.

Heroland is a combination of fun and danger in a totally safe dragon-filled dungeon. Your job as a guide to help the tour group survive the monsters and mazes within. You must customize your guests and strategies, repair their weapons, and keep them healed as you adventure through the many parks attractions.

When all looks grim and dark, that is the time that Heros can shine. Buy comics to buff your team or summon monsters to do the fighting for you. Once you reach the end, it is Treasure Time, and as a valued employee, you skim some off the top for your own personal dorm room.

The game features a reimagined theme park full of lovable mascots. They are 3D versions of 3D sprites that bend and stretch and squish their way around the world. It is a truly unique way to do 2D sprites in the modern world.

Aside from the character models, the cast of characters in the game are colorful and interesting as your customers hack and slash through the MonStar Team’s palette-swapped trash mobs. The MonDex, the book of all monsters, fills itself with tops and amusing anecdotes to help you kick the butts of all the monsters.

This is a game that calls itself a love letter to the 16-bit era of Japanese role-playing games. It invites you to a world of magic, excitement, and music. This is truly a unique title fit for any RPG fans collection.

Heroland is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. If you are a fan of JRPGs, then this might be a perfect title to occupy you through the holiday season. So sharpen your sword and book your trip to Heroland for a once in a life-time experience.