Unconfirmed Talks About New Dragon Age Reveal It Might Just Be Another Anthem-Like Game

Unconfirmed Talks About New Dragon Age Reveal It Might Just Be Another Anthem-Like Game
Credit: YouTube

A recent Kotaku report reveals deeper insider information on how Dragon Age changed from the developer’s original version. The said report traces how the game reached its current live service form.

A few days ago, rumors were circulating about a report which revealed all of Anthem’s past issues. It didn’t take long when it was revealed that those were indeed facts, not just mere rumors. A Kotaku report revealed all of the nasty details.

Days after that, more information have been divulged on how the original Dragon Age’s team sacrificed to save Anthem.

Now, a new report revealed the current status of the game Dragon Age. Along with such information is information related to its old plans and history. The said report mentioned that Dragon Age is envisioned to be an intriguing and ambitious RPG.

It was given the code name Joplin and should have more choices and consequence option. It should have been far from its current simplistic and non-engaging quests. Also, it should have been set in a smaller yet more reactive and deeper, compared to Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Unfortunately, the grand vision for the game fell into the double-whammy of Anthem and Mass Effect: Andromeda.

To replace it, a rebooted game that’s fitted to the games as service mandate of EA was made. The said game has evolved into something the developers can monetize.

However, the evolution and full release of the game was made years after its original initial launch. And instead of making use of the Dragon Age: Inquisition-established pipelines and tools, they rebooted the game.

They now code-named it as Morrison. It was built using the codebase for Anthem. It will also be featuring a live service and is described as built for revenue and longer gameplay.

Despite the rich detail, it’s not clear if the original idea will be wholly or partly inherited by the game.

The report, however, notes that Creative Director Mike Laidlaw left the company immediately after the said reboot. Casey Hudson, BioWare’s new General Manager, mentioned that the game will be more character and story focused. She also described it as live.
This means that the game was designed for the storytelling aspect to continue after its main story.

A video teaser which was first shown during the Game Awards held at the later part of 2018. The said teaser revealed the game’s amorphous state. Unfortunately, no one mentioned the series by its name.