Three Very Different Factions Arise From World’s Ruins Revealed In Phoenix Point Trailer

Three Very Different Factions Arise From World’s Ruins Revealed In Phoenix Point Trailer
Credit: Phoenix Point via YouTube

Gamers waited for three years before the release of the Phoenix Point, the latest from designer Julian Gollop. Now, the game is almost here, and more details are coming out of the woodworks.

The Phoenix Point trailer lays down the groundwork for the establishment of the Phoenix Project. It was founded on Christmas Eve of 1945, just two months after World War II ended. The world’s superpowers acknowledged that tragedy should not happen again. They believe that lines among empires and nations should be blurred.

The Phoenix Project serves as an experiment to end conflicts even before they escalate into full-blown wars. Operatives go around the world in search of clues. The project had bases in 24 countries, and another one on the far side of the moon.

Humanity enjoyed a Golden Age, and progress accelerated. However, in 2022, an alien virus from permafrost was released. Scientists called it the Pandoravirus. However, those who came into contact with the virus did not die. Instead, they mutated into something else– monsters whose insatiable hunger leave everything devastated in their wake.

The earth itself changed, particularly the oceans where the virus seems to thrive.

You enter the game in that context. The year is 2047. There are now three human factions in the earth. You have the Synedrion, an anarchist group that seeks to build a new society. Another one is the Disciplines of Anu, a cultish group that sees the mutation as the savior of humanity.

Then there is the New Jericho, a militant group that sees the monsters and the Pandoravirus as the enemy. The group, led by Tobias West, wants all the creatures wiped out from the face of the earth.

But regardless of the factions, they are all driven to small refuges as the monsters continue to create havoc. Humanity is on the brink of extinction. However, their principles are so far apart that it might be impossible to work together.

As the player, you will lead one of the cells of the Phoenix Project. You have just been activated, and you gather at the Phoenix Point base. The mission is not clear. It is now up to you to unravel the mystery with a series of decisions to save humanity.

The Phoenix Point release date has been confirmed to be on Dec. 3, 2019. It will arrive on Windows PC, Xbox One, and the iMac.