This Week, Ghost Recons Breakpoint’s Will Release It’s Major Update Based On Players Feedback

This Week, Ghost Recons Breakpoint’s Will Release It’s Major Update Based On Players Feedback
Credit: GameNews Playstation via YouTube

Finally, Ghost Reckon Breakpoint update begins this coming week, with the first of two updates initially planned for November. To improve the gameplay, Developer from Ubisoft Paris asked fans to participate in a comprehensive survey about the game as they improvise on ways to better their tactical shooter, if not make it independent from others in Tom Clancy’s lineup.

With the constant content and new mission on the way with the upcoming title, the point here is Breakpoint’s post-launch restoration is still undergoing a survey. So, over the next two weeks, players are going to be asked to pinpoint their most significant expectations in the game. According to the feedback gotten from the Ghost Recon official subreddit, it seems players want notable adjustments to the drone performance, and the re-installment of basic parameters they were fond of in 2017’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

One of the requests made by players was: going unseen in an enclosed enemy vehicle. Wow, interesting. It would be an advantage because of the complaints players had on how they get interrupted by the roaming patrols (mechanized and foot) as they propel towards their next mission.

One feature which is immediately required and frequently used in Breakpoint is fast travel, but the problem is not even driving up to 1 kilometer and having to shoot at a bunch of wildlings trolling around. Looking back at Wildlands, it had a variable means when entering a vehicle. From the most concealed to the most open.

However, from November 12, Breakpoint will have enough stamina and the means of transforming their firing position while in cover. Although it may seem awkward to flaunt these little details as of significant quality-of-life improvements, yet they still are. Going forward, the Tuesday patch would include two narratives that connect to Breakpoint’s outcast functions and homesteader, As well as similar upgrades with unidentified optimizations, is planned.

Recently, Ubisoft Paris developers took note of how Breakpoint didn’t meet expectations concerning players while promising a more radical and immersive mode of the upcoming game. The word to focus on here is the ‘immersion’ taking into account so many suggestions—both in forums and survey Ubisoft is taking—changes the player’s view of irregular warfare behind enemy lines. That’s what should separate Breakpoint from other Tom Clancy’s games, like Division 2, which is a single-player first-person shooter with favorable elements. In that case, Breakpoint is not any different.

Besides, Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot states that ‘the game did not come in with enough distinct factor’ in agreeing with the fact why it ‘was strongly rejected by a large portion of the community.’ For this reason, Guillemot told investors not to expect much from the latter part of the year. So it didn’t show up as a surprise when players requested for the calling of AI squadmates. One that can order at will, unfortunately, was not included. However, Ubisoft wanted players to get the cooperative efforts of human team-up. However, AI teammates are already on the horizon, still no release date as to when that feature could arrive in Breakpoint.

To summarize, players are troubled about the in-game progression similar to that of Division 2 and other loot shooting. The million-dollar question happens to be will Ubisoft work on these bottlenecks, considering the in-game economy may be affected?

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.