The UH-144 Falcon Rotor Copter That Might Be In Halo Infinite Is Depicted In The Most Recent Leak As An Unfinished Model

The UH-144 Falcon Rotor Copter That Might Be In Halo Infinite Is Depicted In The Most Recent Leak As An Unfinished Model

A lot is going on with Halo Infinite behind the scenes, especially now that the cooperative campaign mode is available in beta and the official Forge Mode will soon be available. However, infinite appears to be getting more than these significant updates, as data miners are already displaying some smaller pieces of content.

The UH-144 Falcon rotor-copter appears to be one of these Halo Infinite tidbits, as a data miner has uncovered what appears to be an extremely early version of the vehicle. Even though this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Falcon dropship will eventually be a usable vehicle in the most recent Halo game, the model’s current condition is highly intriguing.

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According to the Halo Leaks Twitter account, the deprecated, leftover version of the UH-144 Falcon from Halo 4 is quite similar to the data-mined version of the aircraft. Although the car is depicted in a blocky, low-detail manner, the Falcon’s distinctive profile is nevertheless clearly visible. Additionally, the specific screenshot provided by Halo Leaks also displays the previously leaked Halo Infinite Bulldog DMR, albeit without its traditional scope this time.

Although Halo Infinite’s current status is less than ideal, 343 Industries appears to be managing several impending content releases in the background. The Falcon and the Bulldog might either be minor content upgrades or a significant DLC-level project, aside from major additions like the coordinated campaign and Forge Mode. The first important Halo Infinite expansion pack may eventually include these goods if that is what 343 is prepping them for.

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Also worth mentioning is the possibility that 343 merely imported this model for another use, given how close it is to the one found in Halo 4. The Falcon’s development as a driveable vehicle is not specific, and in its present form, it would be suitable as some distant window dressing. The addition of a Falcon does seem somewhat quite simplistic, given all the other innovations Halo Infinite enthusiasts are anticipating.