Halo Insiders Get To Test An Early Build Of Halo: Master Chief Collection For PC

Halo Insiders Get To Test An Early Build Of Halo: Master Chief Collection For PC
Credit: 343 via YouTube

Halo is finally coming to PC. In a recent post from Unyshek, a team member over at 343, lots of details about the future of the Halo series were covered.

One stuck out: later next week Halo Insiders will be able to play a basic version of the Master Chief Collection on PC. It’s a little like an Alpha for a future Beta.

At E3 2019, the 343 team put together a small-ish stand. Only four computers were available for people to play the early build of MCC, specifically a campaign mission from Halo: Reach. In no surprise to anyone, except maybe some of the devs themselves, the queues were reportedly massive.

The demo which was at E3 is, according to Unyshek, “an early work-in-progress demo”. For those who weren’t able to attend the event, you can sign up for Halo Insider to get a chance at a pre-release PC flight of a similar version of Reach available at E3. Halo Insider subscribers are also relied upon to give feedback on the game, sign up here.

Halo: Reach’s PC flight next week is a “modest” start, as the process of porting the game to PC hasn’t been straightforward. There are still many things that need “testing” and “verification”, though this is basically what the small demo is for. Unyshek goes on to say that they want to make the process of giving feedback as easy as possible.

If you sign up for Halo: Insider but aren’t selected for the PC flight demo, you can still get a chance to play the game at Halo: Outpost Discovery. There are events in Orlando, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston and Anaheim, running from the 5th of July until the 1st of September.

There will be “opportunities to check out work-in-progress builds of Halo: Reach” at Halo: Outpost Discovery, among other Halo-related activities like VR experiences and a Hall of History. These events run for a weekend and give fans of the series the most “immersive” look at the Halo Universe.

In the same community post, Unyshek summarized everything we know about the future of Halo in terms of Halo: Infinite, including splitscreen confirmed, customizable player armor like Halo: Reach, and an internal Pro Team.