343 Industries Just Released More Details On Halo Infinite; Will Include Split-Screen Capabilities

343 Industries Just Released More Details On Halo Infinite; Will Include Split-Screen Capabilities
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

The Halo franchise is beloved by many gamers, especially those who’ve grown up with the Xbox consoles over the years. Master Chief is one of the most iconic video game characters of all time and you can’t forget the Halo theme song. Next in line for the series is Halo Infinite — which is being developed by 343 Industries.

It was finally showcased at this year’s E3. It was a cinematic trailer that showcased a little bit of the theme that the developers are striving for. Sure, we didn’t get any gameplay footage — but that should be on its way very shortly. The trailer showcases the iconic power suit and the sound of its shield booting up. These details are small, but so powerful if you’ve been a loyal Halo fan over the years.

Just recently, we received some more news on this upcoming first-person shooter. First off, Halo Infinite will have split-screen capabilities. This is huge news for fans who enjoy co-op experiences. The developers of Halo 5 made the weird decision of excluding it in the game, which received a lot of backlash. It’s good to see this feature back in action.

Halo games are renowned for their multiplayer experiences and split-screen makes them that much better. Experiencing the campaign in split-screen with a friend also is amazing. Additionally, this game will support LAN. This was a revolutionary design at the time when the first Halo game came out. It started the LAN party craze that many gamers grew up loving.

The developers at 343 Industries also revealed that Xbox and PC are the first platforms that will have access to the beta, which is being referred to as flights. The beta will start off small and then gradually start expanding to other systems.

As far as this game’s release, holiday season 2020 is the target period. It makes sense too. Project Scarlett — the name of the next Xbox console — could possibly get released around the same time. So, this game could be one of its launch titles. It would be a phenomenal way to introduce fans to the console and build buzz before the PlayStation 5 comes out.

Finally, the developers recently talked a little bit about the armor customizations. It seems like there will be quite a few options, giving players the chance to design their solider as they see fit. These updates are great to see. It seems like Halo Infinite is trending in the right direction.