The Trailer For ‘Homicidal All-Stars’ Teases Turn-Based Combat And Graphic

The Trailer For ‘Homicidal All-Stars’ Teases Turn-Based Combat And Graphic
Credit: NME

Homicidal All-Stars, a turn-based strategy game that challenges players to win a gruesome reality game show, has been released by publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment.

Unique characters are set against one another in brutal battles that will challenge both mind and strength in equal measure in this deep tactical game. Later this year, PC users can download Homicidal All-Stars via Steam and GOG.

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Homicidal All-Stars is a hugely popular shocking show that is set in a future civilization that is plagued by great income inequality, corporate greed, murder, conflict, and climate catastrophe. Passing through hazardous metropolitan areas and navigating deadly traps is necessary for participants to survive.

There are also brain-twisting puzzles and murderers with huge weapons. You will succeed and live a successful life if you can overcome every challenge without dying.

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A fresh horrific hurdle track with a unique theme and unique tasks may be found in every episode of Homicidal All-Stars. There are pitfalls to dodge or disarm, surprise attacks to survive, and helpful sponsorship packages to find.

Oh, and always keep an eye out for unique “surprises” that the show’s administration has arranged. After enduring hell, you can unwind backstage, mingle with the other cast and crew, and engage in everything else a reality show entails, such as improving your character and getting your weapons ready for the upcoming nasty public enjoyment.

In keeping with the idea of Homicidal All-Stars, the game will also include Twitch integration, allowing viewers of broadcasters to choose what happens in the show.

This features a “special Twitch streamer mode where your viewers participate as the audience and can vote on game events. Do they choose the explosive barrels or do they open the entrance for you?

Although a release date for Homicidal All-Stars is not yet known, it will happen later this year on Steam and GOG.