The Sojourn Has Released Today On Xbox One, Experience A Journey Through A Series Of Puzzles

The Sojourn Has Released Today On Xbox One, Experience A Journey Through A Series Of Puzzles
Credit: Epic Games Store

The trailer is beautiful — a tale of light and darkness, reflecting a story that seeks to understand life itself. The Sojourn released today, and it is time for a journey into the true nature of reality. This beautiful puzzle game is redefining the genre with its musical selection and artistic choices.

The game’s development did not start as a puzzle game. After evolving the developers decided that telling the story through symbolism and metaphors would have a larger impact than an adventure. There is a pacing that is experienced even in the trailer to give the world an unearthly glow of a surreal reality.

The main feature of this game is that although the puzzles are challenging the experience itself is relaxing. The colorful environment, mixed with serene and beautiful music creates a feeling of harmony that is not found in action games. A sense of one with the universe is created all inside the digital world provided by Shifting Tides.

They have left the story subtly hidden under the surface with the goal of creating a more personal feeling. This game won’t tell you its story; it will instead let you interpret and discover it on your own at your own pace. If you do not engage with the game, then it will not share its secrets with you.

Through the course of the game, you will see four distinct art styles. Each style conveys a stage of life, and the puzzles are your progression through that stage. It has an almost organic feel to it as shifting from place to place is a transition of the character as much as it is a changing of the world.

The game revolves around a sense of harmony. From the art, puzzle designs, and music, it is easy to see a heightened level of perfection and balance achieved within the game. The developers say they have spent hours polishing every trial and making sure that the world you experience is as they intended it.

There is an option in the game to either favor performance or resolution. You can switch between the 4K resolution of the game running at 30fps and 1080p to 60fps at the click of a button. You get to choose how you want to experience The Sojourn.

The game is available for $24.99 on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. You can find a PC copy of the game available on the Epic Games Store or wait until the eventual release onto Steam.