The Oculus Quest Could Revolutionize VR Headsets Going Forward; Will Officially Release On May 21

The Oculus Quest Could Revolutionize VR Headsets Going Forward; Will Officially Release On May 21
Credit: Lyncconf Games via Flickr (license)

Oculus has done a phenomenal job with their VR headsets over the years. Their units aren’t the most expensive and always feature great displays. Oculus Rift is one of the most popular VR headsets to date. It doesn’t seem like Oculus is done shaping the VR sector either.

Their latest unit — the Quest — is set to revolutionize the way VR headsets are made. It doesn’t require any base station or plug-in to a PC thanks to its cordless design. This allows users to roam around freely in their VR worlds. It’s a design that will put the Quest over many of its counterparts this year.

Being able to move around freely with a VR headset on sounds so liberating. It also creates a safer VR experience overall. Users don’t have to worry about tripping over a cord and significantly hurting themselves. It’s quite surprising that this design hasn’t been incorporated in previous VR headsets before. That may change if the Quest sells well out of the gate. If it does, you can bet many other companies will incorporate the design into their units.

The Quest will be available to everyone on May 21. Its starting price will be $399, which is the going rate for a VR headset today. Some reviewers have been fortunate enough to get their hands on the unit, and the reception has been mostly positive thus far. The Quest does a phenomenal job at inside-out tracking. It’s an innovative feature that you’ll probably start seeing more of from VR companies. Obviously, many are raving about the tether-less design.

That’s a huge selling point and one that should lead to decent sales for Oculus out of the gate. In addition to having a sleek and comfortable design, the Quest supports some of the best VR games to date. You thus get a lot of value when you purchase this unit. The games are the driving force behind any VR headset, so it’s nice to see Oculus and top VR developers working together.

A lot of VR headsets today come with a lot of different attachments, which can make getting into virtual reality for the first time a bit confusing. That’s not the case for the Quest, fortunately. All you need to get started and play games is the headset itself. For the technology, graphics, and innovative design, the Quest is set to be one of the most popular headsets to date.