The Nissin Cup Noodles Is A Premium Headphone And It’s Collectible – It’s Been Released On April Fools’ Day

The Nissin Cup Noodles Is A Premium Headphone And It’s Collectible – It’s Been Released On April Fools’ Day
Credit: Nissin Fan Store

There’s a unique headphone out there, and its design is derived from the Nissin Cup Noodles. HyperX made the headphone, and it’s a great product in terms of features and aesthetic. The company is proud of its HyperX Cup MIX-IN because the headphone is groundbreaking.

Players who love gaming or those who just want a new set of headphones for daily usage will have fun with this awkward but fun product. Its ear pads are silky and soft, and they’re ultra cozy for the ears so people can use these cans for a long period of time.

Those who want to talk a lot and those who need it for work such as customer service representatives and online tutors will enjoy using its microphone, which looks like a fork. It’s revolutionary, and the company labeled its microphone as an innovative slurp-reducing microphork.

Some people might find it hilarious at first, but after some time contemplating the design, their yearning to try it will increase especially if they hear good feedback from those who have used them.

Fans can now have international quality headphones with state-of-the-art features. Its headband is expandable, and the ear pads are made with noodle fibers, so they feel like ramen noodles.

Those who love the silky soft feeling of noodles will love the feel of the headphones on their ears, face, and skin.

It has dual-chamber drivers too, where one is for bass, and the other one is for the high and mid volumes. Music lovers will feel less distortion, and the sound layers of what they’re listening will be decipherable.

This fun and strange looking headphones can be purchased on April Fools’ Day. Nissin is selling these cans in limited quantities so lucky are those who can buy a unit.

Some might even buy several units with the purpose of a resell for a higher price. For headphone collectors, this Nissin cup noodles inspired can is a must add to their collection.

HyperX is Kingston Technology Company INC’s gaming division, and it’s the biggest independent memory company in the world. Its goal is to provide high-performance components to power users, PC builders, and gamers.

It won’t be the last time where Nissin Food Products and HyperX will collaborate especially because the noodle cups inspired headphones are sold out already.

The two companies are actually talking about a full set for gamers so they can have a heated mouse pad where gamers can keep their noodles warm when playing, and it’s useful for marathon game sessions.