The Nintendo Switch Lite Can Now Be Purchased For $170 Thanks To Recent Promo Code On Rakuten

The Nintendo Switch Lite Can Now Be Purchased For $170 Thanks To Recent Promo Code On Rakuten
Credit: Engadget via YouTube

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the latest handheld from Nintendo. It’s unique from the original Switch in that it’s strictly a portable device. You can’t dock it and play it on a TV, nor can you take off the joysticks. That being said, it is much cheaper.

The Lite started out at $200. That’s not a bad deal considering what this newest model offers. However, when you visit Rakuten, you can enter in the promo code SAVE15 and bring the Lite’s price down to just $170. That’s a phenomenal deal that shouldn’t be passed up, especially if you don’t currently own a Nintendo Switch.

The deal is only lasting until the 24th, or until supplies runs out. Considering the type of attention the Lite has received since launch, it won’t be surprising to see the Lite on Rakuten sell out fast. So, now’s the time to act if you think the Lite’s lighter, smaller design is worth exploring.

When the Lite was first released, the colors blew everyone away. This is particularly true regarding the turquoise. It’s exceptionally sharp and has been a fan-favorite out of the gate. If you’ve been a fan of portable gaming over the years, this system will feel right at home. Sure, the screen isn’t as big as the original, but that’s actually a plus in terms of gaming on the go.

The Lite is much easier to hold and extremely easy to store. You could honestly get away with putting it in your front or back pocket. You don’t have to keep up with a bunch of things when you get a Lite, either. All that comes in the package is an guide, a power cable, and the device itself. That’s it. Setting the Lite up and starting your first gaming experience is exceptionally easy, even if you don’t have any prior experience with a Switch.

Nintendo did a phenomenal job at keeping this device simple in all of the right ways. Sure, the Lite doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that the regular Switch has or the version that’s getting a better battery life. That’s perfectly okay, though. The Lite is a dedicated portable system that is conveniently priced. This system isn’t going to break the budget and it gives you access to some amazing games. For just $170 for a limited time, it’s an incredible system that can revolutionize the way you game.