Some New Details Have Emerged On Sony’s PlayStation 5; Including A More Power-Friendly Design

Some New Details Have Emerged On Sony’s PlayStation 5; Including A More Power-Friendly Design
Credit: RBN Hardware via Youtube

The wave of next-gen consoles is almost upon us. Sony and Microsoft are hard at work on their respective systems. These console wars always bring about a sense of joy and wonder. How can gaming get even better? What sort of features will these modern consoles have? All of these questions are started to ramp up.

For Sony, their PlayStation 5 has been in the gaming news cycle as of late. Those in the know are expecting a 2020 release, although 2021 is probably a little more realistic. Regardless, we do have some concrete facts about the PS5’s design. According to a recent statement from Jim Ryan — Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO — the PS5 will have a suspend mode feature.

It’s intended to lower power consumption for users. This suspend feature can be activated at any time. It seems like a great way to help gamers cut down on their electrical costs, which continue to rise every year it seams. This design is part of a larger effort from the organization, Playing for the Planet Alliance. It exists to better the environment, whether it’s through reducing carbon emissions or eliminating waste. Some of the other major players joining up to support these eco-friendly efforts include Ubisoft, Google Stadia, and Microsoft.

On paper, it seems like a great idea. As society continues to advance technologically, companies in the gaming industry are noticing the need for greener efforts. Sony seems keen on keeping up with these efforts with how the PS5 is designed. It could really do some good for not only gamers, but the world as a whole.

It’s great to see this PS5 with a more power-friendly design, but everyone is still buzzing about what this next-gen console could look like. That seems to be the main focus for a lot of gamers, aside from spec details and gaming announcements. There have been several leaks that surfaced recently, although they were quickly ruled out as being false.

With the PS5 having a power-save feature, it would make sense to see a sleeker console unit. Every time Sony comes out with a new console, they upgrade the visuals. Most people seemed to really enjoy their designs with the PS4. If they can build off these plans and include bits of flare, such as RGB lights, then we could be looking at something truly extraordinary from a visual perspective.

For now, we’ll just have to keep waiting for more announcements. Fortunately, they should become even more frequent as we come to a close on 2019.