Tamarin Video Game Developer Chameleon Games Explains Why It Is Not Coming To Nintendo Switch

Tamarin Video Game Developer Chameleon Games Explains Why It Is Not Coming To Nintendo Switch
Credit: Chameleon Games via YouTube

Tamarin video game’s release date is drawing closer. As such, some could have been interested to know if it would be available on Nintendo Switch as well.

The upcoming title from Chameleon Games is set to drop anytime during the fourth quarter of 2019. The developer has also announced that fans can play it on PlayStation 4 or access it through Steam. No mention of its availability for the Nintendo-produced console.

Amid this scenario, interested gamers have been curious why the developer has not considered the platform.

A fan asked Chameleon Games about it through the latter’s official Twitter account. It was explained that the Tamarin video game was developed way before Switch was launched.

If ever it would decide to have it for the Nintendo console, it still seems impossible.

The technical specs of the game have to be designed according to the required format of Switch. With the video game’s scheduled release date, there could no longer be enough time to do it. Nevertheless, there was no mention of doing so in the future.

In the meantime, when pressed for the actual release date, Chameleon Games did not elaborate any more. What it emphasized is that the Tamarin video game will already be available “soon.”

Back in July, creative director Omar Sawi revealed how he came up with such an idea for a game. He said he exerted extra effort in checking out which animals have not been featured in a game yet. Of course, he chose the cutest among them to become the star of his game. Thus, he ended up with the New World monkey that has the same size as the squirrel.

Here are some other exciting details about the adventure of the adorable character in Tamarin video game:

The character has to protect its family.

The enemies are mean-looking bugs, which could be the ones who burned down the tamarin’s home.

The forthcoming title adopts the mechanics of the third-person shooter game.

The porcupine could be the medium for the tamarin to defeat the bugs. The former was seen in the released trailer asking the latter if it is interested in buying a machine gun.

Players would be collecting fireflies as they try to gather several hard-to-own collectibles.

While exploring the colorful world of Tamarin video game, players need to solve puzzles to accomplish the game’s objectives.

Generally, the game is all about fighting for survival. As it is, it is a cruel world out there.

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