The New PowerA Nintendo Switch Controllers Are Affordable And Feature Cool Designs

The New PowerA Nintendo Switch Controllers Are Affordable And Feature Cool Designs
Credit: Kana Natsuno via Flickr (license)

The Nintendo Switch is a great console that really shook up the console wars between Microsoft and Sony. You can play the Switch like a traditional console or use the screen as a portable device. And, there are a bunch of great games.

The only major downside of the Switch is how expensive the controllers are. This is particularly true regarding the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Some outlets are selling it for a whopping $70.

If you’re not familiar with console controllers, this is quite a steep price. Fortunately, other wireless controllers are being made for the Nintendo Switch. One of the more popular companies in this space is PowerA. They’re making incredible controllers at an affordable price.

The wired models are only going for $20. Sure, you have to deal with a wire, but at least you don’t have to spend a fortune. If you do want to go wireless, PowerA makes a wireless controller that can be purchased for as low as $45.

Not only are these controllers more affordable than the first-party options that are currently on the market, but they are extremely stylish as well. They come in a range of different pattern and color varieties.

For example, you can buy a PowerA Pro Controller with Link’s design on the front. It features green and black colors, which certainly pop compared to the standard black options that are common on the market today.

Mario-themed wireless controllers are also available. Since you have so many design options, you can choose something that represents your tastes perfectly. These wireless controllers feature Bluetooth technology, which makes syncing them up with your Switch extremely easy.

Both the wireless and wired controllers made by PowerA have an ergonomic design. They sit in your hands comfortably no matter how long you end up playing for. The Switch controllers that you get out of the box are nice, but they don’t match the comfort levels that PowerA’s units provide.

You’re not just getting a cheaper product either when you switch to PowerA’s controllers. They’re still made from high-quality materials that you’ll notice the moment you pick up the sticks. Thanks to their quality design, they can last a long time. Even if you play for hours each day, these controllers will take everything you throw at them.

You can get these controllers today through Amazon or buy from PowerA directly. Wherever you buy, these controllers let you play the Switch like it was meant to be played.