The Medium Is Scheduled To Release On December 10th

The Medium Is Scheduled To Release On December 10th
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The Xbox Series X is shaping up to be quite the next-gen system from Microsoft. It’s both powerful and uniquely designed like a PC. It also seems like Microsoft is doing everything they can to compete with the PS5 in terms of game offerings.

One that has the chance to make the Xbox Series X stand out early on is The Medium, a psychological horror game from Bloober Team — makers of the Layers of Fear series. Horror games have a large built-in following so it’s a great idea for Microsoft to offer it on their system right after launch. It’s also coming to PC for those that don’t plan on getting a next-gen system.

The first trailer that teased The Medium was filled with mystery and tension. Gamers will play as a woman with special psychic abilities. They’re so unique — in fact — that players can play through two distinct realities at the same time.

There is the real world and the spiritual one. This has never been done before in a video game so naturally, The Medium is looking like a revolutionary horror experience.

A new trailer for it just came out that gives us a precise release date. That is December 10th for the Xbox Series X, Series S, and PC. A horror game releasing in December may seem like an odd choice, but it makes sense from a timeline standpoint.

The developer wants to debut it just after the release of the Xbox Series X, which is a good idea on paper. They’ll let the excitement settle a bit with this next-gen console’s release and then shortly after, The Medium will be available to those that want to experience its distinct atmosphere and ground-breaking gameplay designs.

Not surprisingly, the release date trailer goes back and forth between the real world and the spiritual one. It highlights the two distinct experiences that players will enjoy as they go through the creepy environments and compelling story, which centers around a woman trying to discover her surrounding’s dark past.

In addition to exploring and solving puzzles, The Medium has a particularly frightful enemy known as The Maw. It was produced out of unspeakable horrors and serves as the main threat following our heroine throughout her journey of self-discovery and retribution.

It also doesn’t hurt that this game’s music was composed by the one and only Akira Yamaoka — who’s work is incorporated all throughout the Silent Hill series.