The Medium Has A New Trailer Out Now Highlighting More Of The Story

The Medium Has A New Trailer Out Now Highlighting More Of The Story
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Bloober Team has been pumping out horror titles left and right. The Layers of Fear franchise has gone over super well, but there are other titles that have a lot of great elements.

One title that they’re currently working on for the next-gen Xbox Series S is The Medium. It is scheduled to release December 2020, but already based on the first couple of teaser trailers, it looks like a compelling psychological horror experience.

A new trailer was just put out that shows a greater look at the story. We already know that players will get to take on the role of a female protagonist, who has psychic abilities that let you venture through two different realities.

You have the normal one and then the supernatural spirit world, which looks like a place teeming in horrific atmosphere. The trailer goes into detail about this place and the history behind it.

Right away, the trailer shows the main antagonist of the game — referred to as The Maw. It’s some sort of nightmarish entity that was created out of shame and helplessness. Visually, it’s hard to make out what sort of entity this is. It appears like The Maw can shape-shift and appear without warning.

We see sequences of him in the spirit world heavily cloaked in darkness and then the real world, although you can only see his footsteps approaching our main heroine. That is a little unsettling not being able to see his true form, but instantly gives The Medium added suspense and intrigue.

In the trailer, we also see more of the companion referred to as Sadness. She’s sporting a creepy-looking mask and also is missing a right arm. Something tragic has happened to her and that will probably be revealed later on in the story.

Lastly, the abandoned Niwa Hotel is filled to the brim in haunting themes. It seems like the perfect backdrop to this unique story where reality and the spirit world come together. There aren’t a lot of games like this out right now, so The Medium instantly has a lot of gamers interested.

It seems like it could even be a console pusher for Microsoft, which is what they’re hoping for as they try to compete with Sony and their PS5. As we get closer to this game’s December release, hopefully the developer puts out more trailers that show what gamers are in store for.