The Many Pieces of Mr.Coo Is A Unique Point And Click Adventure Headed For PS4

The Many Pieces of Mr.Coo Is A Unique Point And Click Adventure Headed For PS4
Credit: The Many Pieces of Mr.Coo via Youtube

The Many Pieces of Mr.Coo is a unique 2D point and click adventure that is headed to PS4 audiences from developer Gammera Nest. This unique title is slated for early 2021 for next-generation audiences to help poor Mr. Coo with his unusual problem.

Enter into a uniquely weird and surreal world full of creatures and monsters. For some reason, all the monsters in the land have on a mission: to ruin Mr. Coo’s life and make it difficult. All Mr. Coo wants is to open a shiny red box, but everyone wants to stop him from achieving his one life goal.

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This title was developed after a Short Film successfully won an award. This is a unique adventure based on that film that mixes classic 2D animation similar to Dragon Lair’s style of design.

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This is a surreal point and click adventure that is full of weird world realities. Mr. Coo needs help getting out of this world but the only way he can do is it to final his pieces and be whole again.

This is a game of philosophical understanding, nonsense, and sanity. Players will have to contend with chaotic monsters, crazy robots, and terrifying one-eyed ladies. This is a unique title with a strange nonsense world. Players who enjoy randomness, strange realities and more can all enjoy this title as it is for sure strange.

This is a unique take on the classic point and clicks controls. Enjoy a unique adventure game that will ignore reality, mix it with insanity, and hand it back in a unique cartoon style. The hand-drawn nature of this title is one of its main assets making it a lovable yet easily lost creation.

The world might be surreal, whimsical, and insane but it is full of meaning. This is a happy heartwarming silly, not a crazy fearful horror. the game is filled with wacky lovable characters like the Gaunus, Giant Chicken and so many other strange people.

This title is supposed to be fun, light hearted, and humourous. Players looking for a serious adventure should pass, but if you want something that is fun this title is perfect to spend an afternoon with.

Keep in mind that this title is a point and click experience and although its designed for PS4, it still is point and click and therefore narrative-driven.

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The Many Pieces of Mr.Coo is set to release on PS4 as of 2021.