The Horror Game Little Nightmares 2 Has New Gameplay Footage Out Now

The Horror Game Little Nightmares 2 Has New Gameplay Footage Out Now
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

One of the better horror puzzlers in recent memory is Little Nightmares from Tarsier Studios. The game itself is a puzzle game. You get to play as a young girl named Six that’s trying to figure out a way through Maw, a mysterious sea vessel dripping in personality.

The developer did a great job with the horror elements. As Six, you feel tension throughout the entire story. It came out back in 2017 and since then has collected a pretty loyal following.

The game was so successful that it’s getting a sequel. Little Nightmares 2 is progressing the series forward with its co-op design. The new character Mono is a young boy that gets to team up with the previous game’s main protagonist, Six. It’s a great way for the developer to build upon the first game while keeping elements that made it successful.

Now there is new gameplay footage to break down along with a February release date. Once again, the developer has created an eerie world filled with dark secrets and grave threats. This time, Mono and the returning Six will be exploring The Pale City. Their goal is to reach the Black Tower, a location controlled by the Broadcaster.

Getting here won’t be easy. In Little Nightmares 2, players have to approach every environment and threat carefully. Considering Mono and Six will be working together, the developer is putting a focus on co-op. That’s great news because experiencing this terrifying world with a partner sounds like a much better proposition.

In the trailer, there are several different environments highlighted that include a hospital, forest, school, and black tower. The school looks particularly frightening as creepy hands scatter around the floors. Some of the imagery has a very Silent Hill feel, which is promising because this horror franchise is so iconic and beloved by many.

Little Nightmares was an extremely unique horror/puzzle experience, but this next installment looks to be even better. It’s always refreshing to see a developer make impactful improvements in sequels. A sequel at its core is supposed to take similar elements, but expand upon them in meaningful ways. Little Nightmares 2 does just that, thankfully.

If you want to see the creepy visuals or co-op design firsthand, check out the trailer above. Tarsier Studious clearly knows the horror space well and have carved out their own niche in a unique way. Whether you like problem-solving or interesting horror elements, this sequel is shining bright.