The Helicopter Flight Simulator Series Comanche Is Being Resurrected, According To THQ Nordic

The Helicopter Flight Simulator Series Comanche Is Being Resurrected, According To THQ Nordic
Credit: THQ Nordic via YouTube

If you grew up playing video games in the 90’s, you’re probably familiar with the Comanche series. These helicopter flight simulators were revolutionary at the time, featuring intense aerial combat and authentic flight controls. The series has been away for nearly two decades, but it appears that drought is about to end.

That’s according to reports from THQ Nordic. They announced the series’ long-await revival at this year’s Gamescom. It’s huge news if you enjoy these flight simulators. Seeing the franchise get updated with modern visuals and mechanics seems like a no-brainer, quite honestly. If there’s any company that can give the series updated swag, it’s THQ Nordic.

It seems like this game will retain some of the elements that made it famous back in the 90’s. You’ll have the chance to choose between multiple Comanche models, with each one having distinct characteristics and strengths. You’ll have plenty of time to test them in authentic combat scenarios to see which model you like best.

In addition to different Comanche options, you’ll also be able to choose between different drones. THQ Nordic confirms that they’re intended for the more risky missions, when stealth is a necessity. Those hoping to see the return of single-player missions can keep holding their breath. No single-player mode is coming to the game, at least not when the game first releases.

Instead, this helicopter flight simulator will be strictly an online multiplayer game. In theory, this makes sense. More and more developers are starting to follow this design because it gives them the chance to monetize their games even more with microtransactions. There aren’t any reports right now on whether this game will include them, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they are.

Hopefully, THQ Nordic puts more of a focus on exceptional flight mechanics as opposed to trying to make a quick buck. Any time a game takes the latter approach, it never ends up good in the long run.

Still, the idea of an online multiplayer Comanche could still be fun and sell well. Imagine taking down hostile threats in the air with a squad of friends. It could lead to some pretty epic dogfights. It will also be interesting to see how players use drones to their tactical advantage. They will certainly introduce a new fold that veteran Comanche players have never seen before.

If all goes well, expect Comanche to be available sometime next year.