The Futuristic Ghostrunner Will Be Available On October 27th

The Futuristic Ghostrunner Will Be Available On October 27th
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

If you like ninjas, cyberpunk themes, and jaw-dropping visuals, then Ghostrunner is probably a title you’ll want to check out. The trailers and descriptions of the game paint a pretty action-packed experience being developed by One More Level.

It has been known for quite some time that this visually-stunning game was set for 2020, but now, there is an official release date. That is October 27th. So around the end of next month, players will get to move through an apocalyptic setting that is teeming in atmosphere. This cyberpunk slasher will be available on multiple platforms, including the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

In Ghostrunner, the world has collapsed. Those that survived are now forced into a world of utter chaos. You’ll have to climb your way up Dharma Tower, which based on gameplay sequences and screenshots, looks like one of the more unique game settings this year.

It certainly has cyberpunk elements that you could only hope to show up in the upcoming RPG Cyberpunk 2077. One More Level has clearly studied this theme and adapted it perfectly in this action game.

As you move up the levels in Dharma Tower, you’ll get to use all kinds of incredible parkour mechanics. You can run along walls, jump great distances, and slide down under opponents for stylish kills. Chaining these sequences together looks pretty fluid. It’s like you’re a parkour ninja capable of anything with your deadly katana.

The combat looks equally impressive and brutal. You’ll slash your way through enemies, spraying blood in every direction. The developer clearly wanted to give players a visual experience that you don’t often see in video games today.

In celebration of the October release, a new pre-order trailer was just put out. We see our deadly warrior pulling off incredible maneuvers in effort to get closer and land deadly blows.

Even just picking up the controls for the first time, it looks like you’ll feel like an unstoppable force. These sort of games have a lot of intrigue for many because they give you incredible powers that you just have to experience first-hand to truly appreciate.

Timing, speed, and angles all count for something as you make your way up Dharma Tower in hopes of getting revenge on the Keymaster. Even if you get outnumbered, it’s never too late to come out on top one blade swipe at a time. If you’re interested in this title, keep a lookout for the demo that will be releasing shortly.