Ghostrunner Has New Gameplay Footage Out Now From Gamescom

Ghostrunner Has New Gameplay Footage Out Now From Gamescom
Credit: IGN via YouTube

A lot of great trailers have come out of gamescom 2020. The pandemic is still affecting so many across the globe, but for gamers lately, their release has been this event.

If you’ve been excited for the upcoming cyberpunk action game Ghostrunner, you’re in luck. Some more gameplay footage has surfaced from this event that shows a little bit more of what’s in store when it releases later in the year.

The cyberpunk visuals — featuring neon lights, tall structures, and futuristic tech — immediately draw you in. It’s a fantasy world straight from the future and you’ll have the pleasure of moving all throughout it as one of the world’s most skilled blade fighters.

We’ve known for quite some time that Ghostrunner featured fast-paced action, where decisions about where to go and who to kill had to be planned out in seconds. The trailer shows this chaotic nature beautifully.

The blade fighter wields an incredible monomolecular katana, which can deal out deadly blows with a quick slice. It will be your main source of defeating the enemies you come across as you make your way up Dharma Tower, the last shelter for humanity.

If the slicing and dicing weren’t promising enough, the developer shows off the incredible parkour action in grand fashion. The player runs along walls, jumps onto nearby platforms, and slides across surfaces to deal out stylish attacks.

Ghostrunner has a Mirror’s Edge feel, but is doubling down on the cyberpunk themes. That sounds like an appetizing recipe for success, and this latest gameplay trailer further proves the game is soaking in unique atmosphere and addicting action.

Based on this most recent extended gameplay session, it looks like players will have the chance to enter a flow state. They won’t have to think about what to do. Rather, they’ll just react based on the obstacles and threats put in front of them. That should make hours fly right by.

Even the story in Ghostrunner is showing a lot of potential. As hope for humanity dwindles, a tyrannical Keymaster named Mara stands in the way. You’ll move up the Dharma Tower to confront her and hopefully put a stop to her evil ways.

It won’t be easy. There are a ton of challenges you’ll have to overcome before you can finally save humanity in the later portions of this game. If you weren’t already stoked about Ghostrunner and its futuristic potential, you should be now. If you’re still not, better check your pulse because this game has non-stop futuristic action in spades.