New Gameplay Footage Of Ghostrunner Was Just Shown Featuring Fast-Paced, Gory Action

New Gameplay Footage Of Ghostrunner Was Just Shown Featuring Fast-Paced, Gory Action
Credit: IGN via YouTube

One of the more intriguing games of 2020 has to be Ghostrunner. It’s a first-person shooter in a sense, but instead of guns, you have a sword. That concept alone makes Ghostrunner pretty unique out of the gate. As you might imagine, engaging in epic sword battles will be pretty brutal and graphic in nature. That’s pretty clear with some new gameplay footage that just surfaced.

Even the opening sequence of this latest trailer starts off on a graphic note. The player swoops down from a tall building and drives their futuristic sword through an enemy’s neck. The developer — One More Level — certainly isn’t shying away from graphic content and that should captivate a lot of gamers at launch.

The movement mechanics look very fluid. They have a fast-tempo nature to them, which helps keep the action going from sequence to sequence. You can perform all sorts of maneuvers to get to new areas, such as running across walls and jumping up ledges. You truly feel like a cybernetic ninja capable of anything.

It’s also worth mentioning the game’s setting. The tower city has a very cyberpunk feel to it, which is a theme that’s gained steady traction in the gaming industry thanks to Cyberpunk 2077’s pending release. The developer hits all of the right notes with the colors, building structures, and street signs in the distance. It’s like the tower city has a life force of its own and beckons to be discovered.

The interesting chain of events should keep you locked in, whether it’s moving from different tiers, hopping over obstacles, or keeping your deadly sword ready for the next wave of attacks. Your character also has some sort of grapple hook that can attach to structures to gain access to higher-up areas.

Much of the opening sequence seems centered around platforming action. That’s great news if you like moving around at lightening fast speeds, making quick decisions as far as where to go next.

If you were excited about the pending release of Ghostrunner, this latest trailer should get you hyped even more. The developer seems to have nailed down every major aspect as far as first-person games go, from the visuals to the quick sword action. You won’t have much time to catch your breath from section to section, but that should just keep you immersed in all of the action going on. We still don’t have an official release date, but Ghostrunner is full of so much potential.