Sucker Punch Says They’ll Have A New Patch For Ghost Of Tsushima ‘Soon’

Sucker Punch Says They’ll Have A New Patch For Ghost Of Tsushima ‘Soon’
Credit: Sucker Punch Productions

On Friday, Sucker Punch Productions released the highly-anticipated update for Ghost of Tsushima, which added the Legends multiplayer and a new game plus mode, among other things. With the aforementioned update came a few issues, but Sucker Punch is aware of them, and they’re planning on patching them up “soon.”

Shortly after the developers rolled out the version 1.1 update for Ghost of Tsushima, they took to Twitter to let people know that a patch will be released soon to fix various bugs and other issues that some players have been experiencing since Friday’s update.

Following Friday’s update, Sucker Punch’s Darren Bridges talked about Ghost of Tsushima’s Legends multiplayer, saying that he mode has always been a pillar of their plans.

“From the very beginning when Nate Fox and the team pitched Ghost, we knew that we wanted cooperative multiplayer to be a pillar of the game,” Bridges explained. “We probably spent six months to a year thinking about different ideas and ultimately we came to Legends. We’ve been working on it really in parallel, both on the engine side and the content side from the beginning of the project.

“We at the studio like supernatural stuff, but Ghost of Tsushima from the beginning was a very grounded experience. That was a core thing that we wanted to get right. So when we batted around different ideas for multiplayer, Legends rose to the top, in part because it allowed us to connect to Jin’s story without [the player] being exactly Jin.”

Shockingly, Sucker Punch added the Legends multiplayer at no additional cost, so if you already own Ghost of Tsushima, you will be able to play the mode for free. Of course, you’ll need an active PlayStation Plus subscription to play the new mode.

Also, a new game plus option was added, which was the most requested feature after the game launched this summer. In the new game plus, players will restart Jin’s journey shortly after his duel with Khotun Khan with all of his earned gear, cosmetic items, abilities, and charms intact. Also, the player will be given a new horse, and a mysterious new Ghost Flower merchant will appear on the map, who offers new charms and additional cosmetic items.

As of this writing, we don’t when Sucker Punch Productions will roll out the latest patch for Ghost of Tsushima, but it’s probably safe to assume that it’ll be available within the next week or two.