Space Engineers Is Making Its Way Onto Xbox One, Closed Beta Begins On Thursday March 5 As Developers Prepare For Their Console Launch

Space Engineers Is Making Its Way Onto Xbox One, Closed Beta Begins On Thursday March 5 As Developers Prepare For Their Console Launch
Credit: Xbox via Youtube

Space Engineers appeared as a PC release back in 2013 and has since then grown into an in-depth sandbox experience. Numerous updates have been made throughout the years, such as the addition of new planets and overhauls of the game’s core systems. There was even an update that added economy to survival mode bringing more realism into the sandbox experience.

The game is a sandbox experience that lets players engineer, construct, explore, and survive in space. Players get to build tons of space ships, space stations, planetary outposts, and more as they slowly explore the planets and gather resources key to survival. It has so far been a massive success on PC, and it seems that Keen Software House will be moving the game onto its very first console launch.

Space Engineers features a realistic volumetric-based physics engine that allows everything in the game to be assembled and dissembled. Volumetric objects are structures composed of blocks that interlock in a grid. They act like real objects with mass, inertia, and velocity.

The game can be played in both a single-player and multiplay mode. It is up to you and your friends as to how you survive and what planets you end up visiting. Play several different modes, including creative with unlimited resources or survival, which will test your resource management skills. You must manually build everything, and there is death and respawn built-in.

Planets and moons await exploration. Each one is fully destructible and persistent with an atmosphere, gravity, climate zones, and more, making them semi-realistic. Players will be able to enjoy the super-large worlds that can be as small as Earth to almost infinite in size. With procedurally generated asteroids and tons of explorable locations, this game will constantly entertain even the most creative Space Engineer.

The developers have created numerous guides to aid in player survival within Space Engineers. Despite the guides, the community still takes its own unique and creative way of taking on challenges within the game. From creative inventions to unique planetary expeditions, there is tons of content to be discovered in this world.

For more information about Space Engineers, you can find tons of Youtube guides online or follow the game’s official Twitter and Facebook. There is an active community ready to help new players into the game and support them as they learned.

Space Engineers will be available on Xbox as of April 15. If you want to play the game early, it will still be available on Steam for PC users.