Sony Reveals All The Games Coming To PS4, PS Vita and PSVR This Week (August 26 – 30) Control, MXGP 2019, Wreckfest, Human Anatomy

Sony Reveals All The Games Coming To PS4, PS Vita and PSVR This Week (August 26 – 30) Control, MXGP 2019, Wreckfest, Human Anatomy
Credit: Sony Playstation

A new week is coming, and that means some good news for PlayStation fans. Sony has already revealed all the games that are coming this week to their PlayStation4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation VR platforms. 23 games will be released this week starting from August 26 to August 30. Some are new titles, while others are sequels.

August 26
Tomorrow, two new games will be available. First is Pacific Wings, which will be available on PS4. This is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up game with retro-style-graphics. The other game coming tomorrow is Tokyo Chronos for PS VR, a mystery visual novel by MyDearest Inc. Japanese video game studio.

August 27
Several titles will be released on PS4. Motorsports fans will finally lay their hands on PS4 editions of Wreckfest, and MXGP 2019 – car racing and motorcycle racing games. Control, the much-hyped action-adventure game will also be released on PS4 alongside Crystar, Invisigun Reloaded, Strength of the Sword Ultimate, Decay of Logos, The Bard’s TaleIV: Director’s Cut, Knights and Bikes, and Whipssey and the Lost Atlas.

There will also be several titles for Vita, VR, and PSVR. Human Anatomy will be released on VR and PSVR . On the other hand, Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition will come to PSVR. Legend of the Skyfish, which is also available on PS4, will also come to PS Vita.

August 28
On Wednesday, only one title will be coming to PS4, Headspun. This is an FMV/Adventure hybrid game developed by Superstring and published by Wales Interactive. The game is about discovery and discovery and takes the characters’ minds into turmoil – you have to balance between logic and emotion.

August 29
Four  PS4 titles will be coming on this day. The list includes The Lord of the Rings: Adventure, a tactical card game developed by Fantasy Flight Games. Also, Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise, Hookbots, and Vambrace: Cold Soul will be arriving on Thursday.

August 30
On Friday, three more titles are scheduled for release on PlayStation4. Horror game fans should expect the thrilling action-horror game The Dark Pictures Antholy – Man of Medan. Developed by Supermassive Games the third-person game uses Unreal Engine 4 and is available as single-player or multi-player.

And it’s not only Sony that has released the upcoming titles for next week, Microsoft and Nintendo have also followed suit, revealing all the titles coming to their platforms. The Japanese console manufacturer has announced 20 games are coming to Nintendo Switch while Microsoft announced 17 games for August 26 – August 30.