Sony Officially Ends Production On The PlayStation Vita; Missed Opportunity For The Company

Sony Officially Ends Production On The PlayStation Vita; Missed Opportunity For The Company
Credit: Wikipedia - Sony

The time has finally come for the PlayStation Vita. As of a couple of days ago, Sony is no longer making this highly underrated handheld. This is sad news for many in the gaming community. The PS Vita is such an amazing system that never really got the push it deserved from Sony. So, what exactly went wrong?

At the time when the Vita was first released in 2011, mobile gaming had taken off. Only, instead of gamers playing on handhelds, most of their time was spent using mobile phones and tablets. These devices had a lot of power and were extremely accessible to everyone.

It only makes sense that the Vita would struggle to share some of the spotlight with these mobile systems. It was as if the Vita was doomed before it even had the chance to gain momentum. Sony realized this and failed to properly promote the system. As a result of their lack of push, sales for the Vita were never great.

Developers saw this and were extremely hesitant to push the system as well. There were some great titles, but AAA studios stayed away for the most part. This is a shame because there are so many shining features of the system.

One that certainly stands out is the streaming capability with the PS4. As long as users have a strong internet connection, they can play their favorite PS4 titles on the Vita. The graphics are as great as ever, and there are even touch controls in the back to simulate the trigger controls on a PS4 controller.

So where does the PS Vita go from here now that production has ceased? Luckily, there are many communities online that are attempting to keep the system alive. They can’t reverse Sony’s decision, but they can show other gamers just how great this handheld was and still is.

You can find discussions about which titles are worth checking out. They’re particularly helpful because there are so many games available for the Vita. This is particularly true regarding RPGs. Additionally, some indie developers are still creating games for the Vita. Some of them are pretty fantastic to play and showcase striking visuals.

These efforts are amazing to see. If you’ve never had the chance to play this elegant handheld device, you’ll still be able to find one on the market. Just keep in mind, you may have to pay a little more. Still, it’s worth checking out given its great games, touchscreen capabilities, and overall design quality.