The Last Of Us 2 Could Be Getting An October Release in 2019

The Last Of Us 2 Could Be Getting An October Release in 2019
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

E3 is one of the most important events for gamers and gaming companies. It’s a time when game leaks come out, featuring the latest and greatest titles. Unfortunately, Sony will not be attending this year’s E3. That allows Nintendo and Microsoft to take center stage. Fortunately, a lot of rumors have circulated about official release dates for some of Sony’s highly anticipated titles.

At the top of this list is The Last of Us 2. According to a recent retail listing in South America, the sequel to The Last of Us is expected to launch for the PS4 and PS4 Pro sometime in October of this year. There hasn’t been much information confirming this rumor since it first came out, but there could be some truth.

October is one of the biggest months for gaming companies, as it’s right around the seasonal holidays. Those looking for a great gift for avid gamers would surely pick up the latest and greatest game, which TLOU2 is positioned to be. However, it’s worth mentioning that this release could face a lot of competition. Would Sony be willing to battle it out with other companies during this busy month?

This remains to be seen, but the possibility is starting to get a lot of gamers excited. The Last of Us is one of the best games ever. The tension fighting off zombies is palpable, and the story gets you hooked the moment you pick up the controls. Even the mechanics are addicting. They have sort of an Uncharted feel to them.

Additionally, where the original left off gave way to so many possibilities for the sequel. So far, we’ve seen a couple of trailers. They show Ellie five years from the events that occurred in the original. She’s much more mature and seems to have a budding relationship with another woman. It’s a bold direction Naughty Dog is going in, but it should make for some great moments.

Fans of the series can probably expect a gripping storyline, filled with love and loss. The gameplay in the trailers looks much more in depth compared to the original as well. The graphics still look as amazing as ever.

Hopefully, these initial rumors turn out to be true. It would gamers another reason to purchase a PS4, especially considering The Last of Us 2 will be an exclusive title. More updates surely will come out in the next few months. Here’s to hoping.