Some Of The Best Supports To Pair With Latest League Of Legends Champion – Samira In The Bottom Lane

Some Of The Best Supports To Pair With Latest League Of Legends Champion – Samira In The Bottom Lane
Credit: League of Legends

Support champions like Lulu, Soraka, Sona, Janna, or Nami work wonders to keep Samira alive through the mid and late game, but only if there’s a tank that can start engagements on the team. These supports don’t guarantee lane dominance, however, which is what Samira is all about. If your ADC teammate picks Samira, you’ll give them the best odds of thriving by busting out a support pick with a lot of playmaking potential.

Pairing Samira with a tanky support champion that has a stun can help her capitalize on enemies’ mistakes. This also reduces the need for a jungler to gank your lane to secure kills. You’ll still need to watch out for the enemy jungler’s movement, however, since overstepping into a trap can kill all of your momentum in the lane.


Throughout our list of champions that compliment Samira the best, you’ll notice one common in-game mechanic that most of them share. It’s their hooking spells, the most challenging type of skill shot for some players while others can even land one with their eyes closed.

Though Pyke isn’t that tanky by nature, the aggression his kit provides is enough to make him one of the best partners for Samira. Bone Skewer is a great way to turn up the heat in the bot lane and Ghostwater Dive gives Pyke enough space to make mistakes. This means you’ll always have a path back to safety if you don’t overextend.


Alistar may be one of the oldest champions in League, but it’s still quite hard to match the overall impact he has both in the lane and throughout the game. The unmatched tanky characteristics of the champion become more of a threat with his engaging abilities.

Alistar’s passive is also a great tool to stabilize your position in the lane since Samira benefits nicely from passive healing. Alistar is possibly the most straightforward support champion to play on our list with his relatively elementary combo. We recommend not auto casting his Headbutt spell since it can end an engagement before it starts if cast incorrectly.


All League players will be familiar with the difficulties of laning against a good Thresh. The champion’s playmaking ability increases the potential of any champion that he lanes with—and Samira isn’t an exception. Thresh’s unique ability to reactivate his hook to pull himself close to his enemy makes space for some instantaneous plays that he can capitalize on with his Flay.

Dark Passage also serves as an excellent escape tool for Samira when she overstays her welcome and provides a small shield that can make the difference in a close fight. Thresh’s ultimate compliments Samira well since the movement slow it provides gives the champion the time she needs to collect some stacks for her passive or land the finishing blows.


If you’re having a tough time landing hooks with champions like Thresh and Pyke, Leona is usually the middle ground that provides the same level of effectiveness but with a different style.

Zenith Blade is surprisingly easier to hit than any other hooking spell in the game and Leona actually prefers teleporting toward enemies due to her tanky nature. Synchronizing your basic abilities will net you 1.5 seconds of stun time, which Samira can use to go berserk on your enemies in the lane. This duration ramps up to three seconds when Leona hits level six. Her ultimate is also a great way to stop any ganks from happening alongside starting engagements.