One Of Best Yasuo Counter Builds – Early And Core Items For Current League Of Legend Season Ten

One Of Best Yasuo Counter Builds – Early And Core Items For Current League Of Legend Season Ten
Credit: Image via Riot Games

Yasuo is one of the most popular and powerful champions in League of Legends. As with any champion in League, despite their skillset, they are always beatable. In this article, we are going to cover a few of the best items that will assist with beating Yasuo.

General Items

Doran’s Shield

When facing off against Yasuo, regardless of whether it is in the mid or top lane, Doran’s Shield is going to be the best pick to counter the champion early in the game. This is due to the durability granted from the bonus health as well as the item’s ability to grant healing after you have sustained damage from Yasuo. The increased health regeneration screen is going to allow you to weather the storm early and provide an even playing field where Yasuo does not have early kills to facilitate his power spike.

Ninja Tabi

While it may seem obvious due to the armor, Ninja Tabi is the appropriate boot choice for facing off against Yasuo due to its unique passive. Yasuo deals most of his damage through his basic attacks as well as his Steel Tempest. Ninja Tabi also grants the champion 20 armor as well as a movement speed buff, so choosing this set is a no-brainer.

Mage-specific items

Frozen Heart

A big issue that will arise in playing against Yasuo as a mage is the lack of durability. Building a Frozen Heart is going to be a great choice for both mages with low health and tank-based mages alike. This item will grant stat increases of 110 armor, dramatically decreasing the damage dealt by Yasuo, a 20-percent cooldown reduction allowing the champion to burst their abilities against Yasuo at a faster rate, and 400 mana that will also facilitate an increase in ability usage. The item also boasts a unique ability that will see nearby enemies lose 15 percent attack speed, another stat that Yasuo uses to increase his opportunity at success.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

Reducing Yasuo’s mobility is key in taking down the champion. Rylai’s Crystal Scepter offers a way to do this via the unique passive that causes damaging abilities and spells to slow units by 20 percent for one second. On top of this, the item is going to grant some extra damage and durability with its bonus 90 ability power and 300 health.

Attack-damage items

Frozen Mallet

Similarly to Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, the Frozen Mallet is also going to hinder Yasuo’s mobility. The champion will be slowed by 40 percent for 1.5 seconds. This combined with the massive health boost offered by this item is going to increase the champion’s survival should they engage in a duel with Yasuo. Frozen Mallet also grants a bonus of 30 attack damage.

Mercurial Scimitar

While it may not seem like an obvious choice when countering Yasuo, Mercurial Scimitar has many statistics that are going to assist melee-based champions in defeating Yasuo as well as the perfect ability for this situation. The item offers 50 bonus attack damage, 10 percent lifesteal, and 35 magic resistance.