SnowRunner Season 3: Locate And Deliver Is Now Available And Introduces A Lot Of New Content

SnowRunner Season 3: Locate And Deliver Is Now Available And Introduces A Lot Of New Content
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

SnowRunnerhas been an incredibly immersive off-road truck simulation experience that puts drivers through a lot of obstacles and challenges. From icy roads to dangerous inclines, there is plenty to tackle if you’re up for some intimidating thrills that will push even the more skilled drivers to their limits.

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This trucking simulator has continued to receive updates ever since it originally launched back in April of 2020. In fact, Season 3 Locate and Deliver is now available for returning players interested in some new content that on paper, is certainly worth looking into.

Two major additions are new maps in Grainwoods River and Black Badger Lake deep in the heart of Wisconsin. They both feature over 4 kilometers of limitless terrains to explore. The diverse landscapes should keep you busy regardless of the new challenges you except for great rewards.

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The new mission available to players right now involves getting a train loading station back up and running. Special generator trailers will be needed to accomplish this task, but it’s not as simple as dropping them off near inactive facilities.

Since there is a limited supply, players have to be picky about which facilities they activate as to fully restore power. Like previous new maps, there will be obstacles to overcome like flowing rivers, mud, and more.

There is more excitement in Season 3 thanks to three new vehicles, which include the BOAR 45318, Pacific P512 PF, and International PayStar Twin Steer. Accompanying them are new vehicle skins. They’re a great way to personalize your rides before you hit the trails and accept gigs.

Finally, there are a lot of improvements to bugs so that new and returning players have more optimal trucking experiences to look forward to. SnowRunner just continues to get better and better.

It also has managed to keep its momentum post-launch thanks to Saber Interactive’s ability to bring new content at just the right times. Whether it’s new vehicles or new challenges, there are always exciting updates to keep a lookout for and hopefully that remains true well into 2021.

Just when you think you’ve driven it all and pushed your trucking skills to every height, a major update rolls along to keep you invested in the amazing trucking authenticity that has been on full display since launch.

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SnowRunner is one of the best trucking simulators you can find today. The updates certainly keep it in the spotlight as it rightfully deserves.