Should You Do The Bundesliga POTM Robert Lewandowski SBC In FIFA 21? Less Expensive Than Bamba’s POTM…

Should You Do The Bundesliga POTM Robert Lewandowski SBC In FIFA 21? Less Expensive Than Bamba’s POTM…
Credit: EA Sports

Robert Lewandowski receives the Bundesliga POTM award in FIFA 21, to no one’s surprise, for his continued excellent goal-scoring record. In comparison to the Johnathan Bamba SBC that was released yesterday by EA, this card is coming in at 50k less – 300k on both consoles. That’s a 93-rated card for 300k and an 86-rated card for 350k. EA logic.

As expected, this Lewandowski card is awesome-looking, although arguably doesn’t fit precisely into the meta of FIFA 21. That 80 pace, even with a hunter, means players will likely opt for a faster striker.

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Lewandowski’s card requires two 86-rated squads and an 85-rated squad, with a mix of Bundesliga players and some Team of The Weeks thrown in for good measure. Is the card worth 300k? It’s a monster card, but it’s still 300k’s worth of untradeable player…a player that will likely receive many more upgrades over the course of FIFA 21.

When you take a closer look at the stats on this card, you’ll see that it has received a few small boosts compared to the 92-rated TOTW card, which is currently coming in at around 200k on both consoles. That means you’re paying 100k extra for an untradeable card, essentially sinking your coins – and untradeable players – for future SBCs.

Here’s a look at the stats thanks to FUTBIN, and it’s clear right away that this is a monster card. The shooting is insane, with both 96 positioning and 96 finishing. The dribbling is pretty good as well, with high reactions and ball control. It’s just that agility and balance that might turn some people away from the card. Plus, the 80 pace…most think that just isn’t fast enough for this year’s meta.

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With Icon SBCs and Black Friday just around the corner, this card just doesn’t justify its price in my eyes. New and exciting cards with incredible stats are arriving any day soon, and any untradeable cards you put into this SBC will be missing for when you want to get the next batch of special cards.

Although Lewandowski is one of the best players in the world right now in terms of league performance, the 300k for this card just doesn’t make sense. Best to steer away from this card – and Bamba’s card – and wait for the better and bigger SBCs to arrive later this month. Preserve those coins and players!